HindSite Software releases lawn care business eBook

The “Lawn Care Business Essentials” eBook is free to download.

October 6, 2017
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HindSite Software, provider of lawn care software, has released “Lawn Care Business Essentials,” an eBook that includes everything a new lawn care business needs to get up and running. In the eBook, readers will find topics and resources that cover the nuances of starting a business from creating a business plan to identifying a name and logo, to templates for lawn care contracts.

“From all the conversations we’ve had with new lawn care business owners or people considering starting their own business, we noticed a theme,” says Dom Devine, HindSite’s content marketing specialist. “New business owners know everything they need to know about lawn care but are less familiar with the business basics that come with starting a company, like initial branding or writing a customer contract.”

HindSite organized the eBook to follow the typical process of starting a new lawn care business, but considered the differences each business has. “We know that not all businesses travel the same path. It’s likely readers will jump around, referring to and reading through the appropriate section as their business is born,” Devine says.

eBook topics include:

  • How to Write a Lawn Care Business Plan
  • Naming Your Lawn Care Business
  • How to Create a Great Lawn Care Logo
  • How to Find Employees for Your Business
  • Pricing Tips for Your Lawn Services
  • How to Write a Lawn Care Contracts
  • Lawn Care Contract Templates
  • 4 Issues New Lawn Care Businesses Face & How to Avoid Them

The first half of the eBook helps readers lay the foundation of their new business. The second half dives into the financial structure of a business - explaining how you should determine the price of your services and then, how to take this price and create bulletproof contracts.

Each section contains step-by-step tips, along with resources. “Like our software, the goal of our content is to always help small green industry businesses be as successful and profitable as possible,” says HindSite’s marketing manager, Chad Reinholz.

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