Clear the way

Clear the way

The blade you use for snow removal depends on the situation at hand.

October 10, 2017
Holly Hammersmith
Industry News Snow and Ice Management

When it comes to efficient snow removal, straight-blade plows are typically used secondary on the job, with the exception of small residential driveway work – where they are preferable for moving smaller amounts of snow in tighter spaces, according to Rob Louiso, owner of Louiso Lawn Care and Landscapes based near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Louiso has always used straight blades.

“We did have one v-blade but I didn't care for it. They just didn't seem to be as efficient to us in our application. And when they came out with the wide-outs, we fell in love with those,” he says.

Louiso Lawn Care offers lawn mowing and landscape maintenance, snow removal and more, along with operating a garden center.

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