L&L Technical Resources Collection on sale

The collection is $69 for a limited time, and includes 5 resources for office or truck.

October 19, 2010
Industry News

The Lawn & Landscape Magazine Technical Resources Collection is available for $69 for a limited time. Click here to order the collection, which includes:

Lawn & Landscape Technician’s Handbook - This field guide to turf & ornamental insect identification & management provides lawn and landscape technicians with unequaled information on the biology, behavior and physical characteristics of more than 60 commonly encountered insect pests in both turfs and ornamentals. You’ll find pest identification tips and detailed individual pest profiles with accompanying illustrations, as well as a full-color photo identification section featuring more than 50 insects.  Perfect for lawn care operators, training professionals, training directors, entomologists, regulatory officials, and technicians!

Turf & Ornamental Insect Identification Series: Volume I: The Grubs - sponsored by Bayer Corporation Garden & Professional Care, is a state-of-the-art training tool featuring technical content by industry researcher Dr. David Shetlar, The Ohio State University, and original, full-color images of 8 commonly encountered grub species. Advanced 3-D technology enables users to rotate and zoom in on images, ensuring faster and more accurate insect identification. Other program features include a fully searchable glossary of technical terms, printable homeowner fact sheets, an interactive taxonomic key, and a grub identification testing component.

The Complete Irrigation Workbook: Design, Installation, Maintenance and Water Management  -  This workbook offers a comprehensive look at irrigation design, installation, maintenance and water management including practical hands-on techniques. Each chapter contains questions and answers which can be used to test your own knowledge or as in-house training tool for new and seasoned employees. Appendix includes detailed drawings of irrigation installations and tables and conversion data.

Turfgrass Ecology & Management  -  Turfgrass managers will be challenged to maintain quality turf more efficiently. The ability of green industry professionals to deliver high quality turf at all market levels has resulted in higher user expectations. But, in the face of rising public expectations, the turfgrass industry needs to address issues such as limited resource availability, and the perception that high pesticide and nutrient uses cause public health problems. Provides the reader with four-color graphs and photos throughout.

Managing Snow & Ice: A Practical Guide to Operating a Profitable Snow and Ice Removal Business - From highly respected and successful snow removal contractor John A. Allin comes a comprehensive guide to the business of snow and ice removal. From pricing to plowing, Managing Snow & Ice will educate readers on every aspect of owning and operating a snow and ice removal company. Novices will gain a solid understanding of all levels of the industry, while experienced pros will find insights to boost productivity and profitability.

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