100 years in the making

100 years in the making

In honor of Gravely’s centennial, the company has redesigned its brand and unveiled new equipment for 2016.

October 21, 2015
Katie Tuttle
Editor's Notebook GIE+EXPO Show Coverage

In honor of 100 years in business, Gravely is celebrating the big anniversary with a redesign of the brand. Going off the statement “heavy-duty, not heavy,” the company has designed equipment with lighter bodies than in the past.

Gravely has also redesigned the visual impact of the equipment. The logo and badge have been redesigned and are visible on the equipment, especially on the operator seat, which has also been retooled for operator comfort.

“We’ve designed a professional look for professionals, designed with purpose from nose to back,” says John Adams, Gravely manager of industrial design.

The tanks on the equipment are lower and more compact, which also helps with operator line of sight to the tire and cutting edge of the deck.

Another change is the bumper, which was “designed with a purpose,” says Bill Engler, Gravely brand director. The new bumper is meant to be bumped against telephone poles, brush, trees and other things operators have to navigate around when using a zero-turn on the job.


At GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Kentucky, Gravely is unveiling its redesigned Pro-Turns 200/400.

The new Pro-Turns feature a constant belt tension system, which maintains constant belt tension for the mower and consistent blade tip speed.

The mowers’ new deck level system features a four-point adjustment system, while past models had 16 points. Also new to the deck is the EZ Lift Deck System on the 400 series, which features 19 cutting positions with quarter-inch increments.


Described as a “modern version of the older Gravely machine,” the Pro-QXT two-wheeled tractor is a compact walk-behind tractor for contractors working on smaller properties.

When the Pro-QXT launches in January of 2016, two attachments will be available: a 44-inch power brush for all-season work and a 48-inch blade, available with an optional poly scraper edge. Both attachments will come with a one-year limited warranty.

QXT stands for “quick-attach,” because this machine was designed to allow one person to attach and detach the attachments.

Atlas JSV

The Atlas JSV was rolled out at GIE+EXPO last year, and this year Gravely is unveiling two kits for the vehicle.

The MX-18 box rack configuration allows landscape crews to treat the JSV as a work station with customizable options to hang equipment and tools for use in the field.

“We wanted the capacity to do a lot of different things,” says JW Washington, regional manager for Ariens. “A lot of different options allows the end user to fit it to their needs.”

The second kit is a snow configuration for plowing. It adds the ability to control the lift and angle of the blade from the cab, as well as technology to make installation easy. There’s also the option of a Gravely salt spreader to place in the MX-18 box.

Additional attachments include floor-length, transparent doors for visibility, a 12-gauge steel roof, side-mirrors and a strobe light for the top of the cab.