Robin robotic lawn care business plans to franchise

The business was also featured on the Shark Tank TV show.

November 14, 2017
Industry News Maintenance

Robin, an “Uber for lawn care” and robotic lawn mower service, is making some changes this year. The business sold its “Uber for lawn care” business and is now focused on expanding its robotic mower service nationwide, according to TechCrunch, a blog dedicated to profiling new companies and products.

The service previously subcontracted to local lawn care providers, allowing people to set up recurring mows and edging. On the other side of the business, Robin leased and supported custom robotic mowers, so customers could have that futuristic privilege without paying thousands for their own robotic mower upfront, TechCrunch reported.

Robin sold its lawn service on demand portion of the business in June. Meanwhile, the company determined the best way to expand its robotic mower service would be to set up a franchise system. TechCrunch said the company rebranded to Robin Autopilot and is now looking for local partners. The company plans to lease the robots to Robin franchises, which will do local work that Robin normally does.

Robin even appeared on the Shark Tank TV show this month to share the robotic mower franchise idea.

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