Nanak's Landscaping, Raymow Enterprises merge with ValleyCrest

Nanak's Landscaping, Raymow Enterprises merge with ValleyCrest

Merger extends ValleyCrest's position in several Central Florida markets.

December 2, 2010
Industry News

ValleyCrest Landscape Companies has expanded in the Florida market with the announcement of its merger with Nanak’s Landscaping and Raymow Enterprises.

Orlando-based Nanak’s Landscaping, which has five Florida locations, and Tampa-based Raymow Enterprises, which has operations in eight locations, have joined ValleyCrest’s existing network of more than 30 Florida branches.

Combined, the deals will increase the size of ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance nearly 10 percent overall and add substantially to ValleyCrest’s market presence in Florida. ValleyCrest now employs more than 3,100 people in the state and serves more than 2,700 customers in Florida communities. Terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

“These are two superior landscape firms that have proven track records over an extended period of time for exceeding customer expectations in Florida communities important to ValleyCrest,” said Richard A. Sperber, president and CEO of ValleyCrest. “While the majority of our growth still comes organically, our 61-year track record of success makes ValleyCrest an ideal company for other landscape firms looking to join forces. We have a unique success rate integrating companies into ours because we work hard to understand what has made these companies successful and leverage these capabilities into our existing operations to make us both better.”

Founded in 1973 by Sampuran Khalsa and Mahan Kalpa Khalsa, Nanak’s Landscaping is ranked as the 34th largest landscape company nationally and one of the largest independent operators in Florida, according to Lawn & Landscape's Top 100. The company earned its respected position as a landscape leader by building strong partnerships with customers in central Florida markets of Orlando, Tampa, and Sarasota, as well as the northeast markets of Jacksonville and St. Augustine.

“Joining ValleyCrest is a natural move for Nanak’s because as we have experienced record growth in recent years we have reached a size where we will benefit from the expertise of a company that has operated successfully at this scale,” said Sampuran Khalsa. “We are convinced that in ValleyCrest we’ve found a partner whose values match up well with our core philosophies and approach to the landscape services business including our deep commitment to promoting more eco-friendly and sustainable landscape practices.”

Founded by Ray Bradley in 1985 when he was 12 years old, Raymow Enterprises is ranked as the second largest landscape company in the Tampa market behind ValleyCrest, according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Raymow's current service region spans five counties, offering a wide range of landscape services, capabilities and responsive crews.

“What attracted me to pair the Raymow team with the ValleyCrest team in Florida is the fact that it’s a family-based company passionately focused on the landscape business with strong leaders that has perfected the art and science of taking care of customers’ landscape needs,” Bradley said. “I know from seeing ValleyCrest’s work in Tampa over the years that the company has honestly earned its exceptional reputation for doing quality work – and it is exactly what our customers have come to expect from Raymow.”

Roger Zino, president of ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance cited several reasons behind the mergers including “our aspiration to provide unrivaled expertise to serve our customers in each market that we operate. Florida is a unique market due both to the importance of landscape to our customers’ businesses and the unique climate which leads to complex landscape challenges. Partnering with these two companies provides us with an unmatched platform of resources to deliver superior service to our customers time after time.”