Answer these 5 questions about email marketing

Answer these 5 questions about email marketing

Consider these questions to gauge the effectiveness of your company's email marketing strategy.

December 6, 2017
Chris Heiler
Industry News

I live on the top floor of a contemporary mid-rise apartment in downtown Austin, Texas. While I take great pride in my horticultural skills on display on the balcony, a need for lawn care services for my 70-square-foot concrete and steel space does not exist.

My living circumstances, however, do not seem to disqualify me from receiving dozens of email newsletters from well-intentioned lawn and landscape companies from around the country (oddly, none in Austin).

Living where I do, I’m a customer of the furniture store two blocks up the street where I’ve purchased a media console and dining room table over the course of the past 16 months.

Because of this, of course, I’m on their email list. On a recent Sunday I received an email promoting their “up to 70% off” sale on select store items. I bit, and spent the next 10 minutes on their website.

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