Beaumont landscaper becomes newest contractor

Jay's Landscape is the third company in Texas to acquire LandOpt license rights.

December 16, 2013
Industry News

Pittsburgh, Penn. – Beaumont-based Jay’s Landscape has become the newest Powered by LandOpt Contractor – the third in Texas – by acquiring exclusive LandOpt license rights to the Beaumont territory. 
Jay’s Landscape has provided landscape contracting services since 1974 when it was established by Jay and Gwen Irving. Over the past 15 years, the company’s leadership team has grown to include son Brad Irving as General Manager. Jay’s offers design/build services via a team whose focus is on creating unifying landscape designs.
There was a dual purpose behind the company’s interest in joining the LandOpt Contractor Network. “We were interested in finding something that could help our company operate more efficiently,” says Brad. “Additionally, as a family-owned business, the idea of creating structure with an eye toward an eventual generational transfer of ownership was very appealing.” 
The management team has high expectations with regard to the impact LandOpt will have on their business. “We’re eager to create more of an infrastructure on the operations side. We know that we’ll be more effective at scheduling crews and tracking costs. In turn, we’ll have more confidence in knowing that we are consistent with our estimates to ensure profitability,” says Jay. 
With an eye on the future, the Irvings all agree that a more organized and structured business will result from their LandOpt affiliation, as well as growth. Jay says, “Five years from now, I’d like to think that we’ll be operating as a larger company that has fully retained the identity and values that we have today. Implementation of the LandOpt System will enable us to grow our business without sacrificing the quality that our customers currently enjoy.”
Following on the heels of Dallas-based JBa Land Management, Jay’s Landscape is the second Texas contractor to join the LandOpt Network this year and the third Lone Star State representative along with Arlington-based Baldi Gardens. 
Jay’s Landscape is an ideal fit for the LandOpt Contractor Network, according to LandOpt President & CEO Tim Smith. “This is a successful company with a tremendous amount of room for growth and a willingness to embrace the Transformation Process in order to see that happen,” he says. “We have several multi-generation family businesses in our Network and the LandOpt System not only provides a clear roadmap for the transfer of responsibilities when the time is right, but also creates an opportunity for ongoing discussion about the many facets of change that a transfer involves. It really does set everyone up well for the future.”