Landscape Ontario Congress held Jan. 7-9

Check out the green industry's latest products and technologies in the Congress 2014 New Product Showcase.

December 30, 2013
Industry News

Toronto, Ont. – Innovative products featured in the New Products Showcase at Landscape Ontario's Congress 2014 will help landscape designers, contractors and average gardening buffs achieve their visions and improve the value of their projects. Landscape Ontario’s Congress Trade Show and Conference will be held January 7 - 9, 2014, in the south building of the Toronto Congress Centre.

As one of North America’s largest horticultural, lawn and garden trade shows, Congress 2014 is the ideal place for landscape construction, design, and maintenance business owners to see what new, efficient and cost effective tools, equipment , hard and soft landscaping products are coming to market that will help improve their services, set new trends and inspire customer interest throughout the 2014 season.

“Congress covers every facet of the lawn and garden industry. From several Ontario college and university students demonstrating their skills in the feature gardens to multinational vendors showcasing the latest equipment, plants and products , an ever popular New Product Showcase and an outstanding conference program, green industry professionals will achieve their personal and professional goals when they attend this year’s show.” says Heather MacRae, Director of Events and Trade Shows.

The New Product Showcase offers up a wide variety of innovative products. There is something of interest for everyone. Congress is a full service horticultural, lawn and garden trade show offering a broad range of equipment, live goods and services to help green industry professionals run their businesses more effectively, efficiently and profitably. From new technologies to green gardening products, business owners and public green space managers will find new and innovative products that will help them grow and prosper.

Here are a few examples of products being presented in the New Product Showcase:

For those looking for Green products:
- Rubber Venture Corporation - Enviro-Mulch – Booth 268
    - Rubber mulch made from 100% recycled tire rubber, coated with non-toxic UV table pigments. Enviro- Mulch will not compact or decay and will retain beauty for many years.
- Eco-flex - Eco-flex Rubber Multi Brick – Booth 409
    - Eco-Flex Rubber Multi Brick Mats are made from recycled rubber material with a unique over/under lap link system designed to prevent shifting. The installation process is very easy and quick providing an instant, anti-sip surface when completed. They also offer the durability required to withstand equestrian, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, allowing acceptance into any location regardless of climate.

For those looking to beautify their backyard:
- Greenstar Plant Products - Colourful Hanging Baskets – Booth G39
    - Decorative coloured hanging baskets; 12", 14", 16". Wire baskets in 6 different colours: red, yellow, pink, orange, green and black.
- Molnar Metal Art - Custom Metal Art, Garden Gates, Signs and Gift Ideas – Booth 1352
    - Molnar Metal Art specializes in creating very special custom garden and interior gates, signs and decorations from metal. They also create custom one-off decorative screens and panels from sketches or drawings.

For those that like Cool Tools:
- CORE Outdoor Power - Power LokTM - Booth 1848
    - The Power Lok landscaping system couples a unique GasLess Power Drive Unit, which houses the intelligent electronic controller, with quick swapping interchangeable attachments. Each attachment is powered by its own state-of-the-art CORE motor. CORE motors produce the highest energy factor per pound of any existing motor at a fraction of the size and weight.
- Bannerman Limited - Riding Seeder Machine – Booth 236
    - A new way of seeding areas that are too small for tractor operated seeders.

Show Dates and Hours:
Tuesday, January 7, 2014
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday, January 8, 2014
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday, January 9, 2014
9:00 am - 4:00 pm