PS: Remember Us?

Kindergan Landscaping is bulking up its marketing efforts.

October 18, 2012
Kristen Hampshire

Attracting new business in a dicey economic climate requires some creativity. While Kindergan Landscaping’s new design center and expanded territory will help reel in clients, the firm is revisiting its book of business to reconnect with satisfied customers from years past.

“We have a client from 2005, we did her front foundation planting and some lighting and a small patio,” Kindergan says. “Since then, she has heard from us maybe once or twice.

That will change with renewed marketing efforts.

Through e-newsletters and more client contact, Kindergan is reaching out to this base of people to share what else the business can offer them. “They were happy clients,” he says of the customer list. “And we are banking on the fact that they remember who we are and so we’re going back at it with additional marketing.”

It’s easier and less costly to sell services to existing clients than to romance and close new customers. And certainly, Kindergan Landscaping is focused on introducing its services to fresh faces. But Kindergan recognizes that popping back on the radars of people who hired his company for work even eight years ago could spark their interest.




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