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January 9, 2014
Lawn & Landscape

Exmark S-Series Walk-behind Aerator

The pitch: After more than two years in development, Exmark will offer its S-Series walk-behind aerator model in 2014.

  • With a single-cylinder Kawasaki KAI engine, the S-Series is capable of aeration speeds up to 4 mph, allowing aeration of nearly an acre of turf per hour.
  • Features a 21-in. aeration width.
  • Simple, easy-to-use design centralizes weight over the tines for consistent core depth.

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Inter-Fab WOK Waterfall

The pitch: Inter-Fab’s WOK waterfall is a classic waterfall that works with any outdoor living design.

  • The WOK waterfall is 36 inches in diameter.
  • Comes in two different pedestal heights and has optional matching planters to complement the pool area.
  • Available in a true copper color.

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Netafim Octave Water Meter

The pitch: Octave is an ultrasonic water meter that utilizes double-beam sensors to monitor flow.

  • Octave’s water flow path is unrestricted.
  • The meter’s measurement method is based on dual-beam sensors that determine the length of time it takes an ultrasonic wave to travel between the two sensors located in the meter’s body.
  • The sensors alternate as senders and receivers with the ultrasonic waves travelling with and against the flow.

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NexTraq VT-2400 Series

The pitch: NexTraq’s VT-2400 series includes technology that monitors aggressive and dangerous driving behaviors such as harsh braking, cornering and jack rabbit starts

  • NexTraq’s latest vehicle tracking device tracks in one-minute intervals and comes with a built-in accelerometer.
  • NexTraq’s associated Driver Safety Scorecard Report can show results for further driver coaching.
  • Also offers gyroscope technology to ensure tracking of a vehicle’s movements.

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JAWZ Grabbing Tools

The pitch: Paladin Attachments has partnered with Star Hill Solutions to introduce the new Bradco JAWZ Grabbing Tools.

  • The attachments feature a patented set of T1 steel fingers (pinchers) powered by dual cylinders.
  • For more compact jobs, the Bradco Mini-JAWS mounts on a compact tool carrier.
  • The grabbing tools are also capable of handling specialized materials like boulders and logs.

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Silver Creek Stoneworks Woodstone Collection

The pitch: Silver Creek Stoneworks Woodstone collection’s debut landscape tile has the look of weathered white pine, with soft edges, deep splits and detailed grain on five sides.

  • Available in ash; a blend of brown and dark gray.
  • Available in multiple looks for patios and pathways.
  • Three sizes: 9.75-in.-width x 2-in.-height x 15.5-in;, 23.375-in. and 35-in. length.

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