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January 9, 2014
Lawn & Landscape

5 steps to improved fuel efficiency

With these easy tips, you can use less gas, keep your vehicles in top shape and save some cash.

By Julie Collins Bates

A few simple moves can result in serious savings for your vehicle fleet.

In a webinar hosted by inthinc Technology Solutions, a global provider of telematics, fleet management and driver safety solutions, inthinc account development manager, Chace Merritt, provided a rundown on five steps companies can take to improve fuel efficiency.

1Obey the speed limit. Vehicles that honor the speed limit maintain a higher miles per gallon ratio – in fact, the most fuel efficient speed to travel is 55 mph. The longer employees are on the road, the more likely they are to start speeding or stop paying close attention to their speed.

“It’s like going to the dentist,” Merritt says.

“They tell you to floss more and the hygienist shows you how to floss. You do pretty well for a few weeks and then start to slack off again. The less reminding or coaching we have, the more likely we are to fall back into bad behaviors.” That’s why Merritt recommends implementing a coaching and feedback system.

For more tips on fuel efficiency, visit for the full article.


See EXPO from the air

The Lawn & Landscape team brought the first-ever quadcopter drone to the 2013 GIE+EXPO to get a bird’s-eye view of the 19-acre demonstration area. In three minutes, you get a great perspective on the scope and scale of the industry’s largest trade show. What are you waiting for? See the show like you’ve never seen it before by visiting


Irrigation education

Lawn & Landscape has teamed up with Rain Bird to conduct six free Irrigation Profit Booster webinars. We’ve already completed two.

In the first one, participants learned how to add irrigation services to an existing landscape business.The second webinar featured key strategies on how to make your customers’ existing systems super efficient.

Here’s some feedback from a recent one. “Great webinar!!! I learned a lot of useful tricks! Webinars like this are great for young guys like me to learn tricks to the business! Thanks for all you do!” – Matt Denyer, owner/ operator, Brevard Outdoor Services.

You can listen to the webinars at Just give your name and email address and you’ll have access to the webinars as they are added.


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