Sponsor Letter

Supplement - 2012 Leadership Awards

March 23, 2012
Laurie Riggs
Laurie Riggs

Leadership can be hard to quantify. But when you see it, feel it or are inspired by it, you realize exactly what leadership is.

If someone asked you to describe leadership, you might say leaders are committed. Leaders are actively involved in their industry. Leaders run businesses that are successful in the eyes of both their customers and their employees. And leaders – quite simply – can motivate and bring people together.

The “recession years” have forced many lawn and landscape professionals to redefine their businesses and streamline their operations to increase efficiency and maintain profitability. It has not been easy, but leaders find a way to take care of their customers their employees and their businesses.

Syngenta is proud to sponsor Lawn & Landscape’s Leadership Awards, which highlight the innovation and perseverance lawn and landscape professionals display year in and year out.

As a business partner to the lawn and landscape professional, Syngenta strives to provide the products, tools and resources lawn care operators need to be successful.

The many resources Syngenta invests each year on R&D result in a line of innovative turf products designed to deliver quality results. And we will continue to invest in research to make residential and commercial turf healthier and the job of the lawn care operator easier.

This year, you’ll hear more about the latest herbicide from Syngenta: Tenacity® herbicide. With its proprietary active ingredient, mesotrione, Tenacity can be used both as a pre- and post-emergence herbicide to selectively control 46 weeds and grass species, including nimblewill, crabgrass and bentgrass. Tenacity can be applied at any time, even at seeding.

Syngenta also features a line of fungicides including Heritage® G and Headway® G fungicides. Both products offer curative and preventive control of key diseases in lawn care such as brown patch, dollar spot, pythium, anthracnose and others.

Syngenta is poised to introduce three new products in 2012 specifically designed for the lawn and landscape professional. Stay tuned for more news on these introductions.

It is no secret that the past few years have been challenging in this industry, but there is great hope for a bright future – and it is a future Syngenta is committed to help improve for all the customers and organizations we serve.

Syngenta is proud to support organizations such as PLANET,® RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment)® and Project EverGreen that are assisting professionals in unifying the industry.

Laurie Riggs
Lawn Care Marketing Manager