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April 8, 2013
Lawn & Landscape

IOU for the IRS

We have an exclusive story on our site,, about everybody’s favorite topic – taxes. Except, this time you can stick it to the taxman, kind of by not paying on time and getting away with it. We offer a number of ways to pay your taxes late, including negotiating. Here’s a snippet.

Making the IRS an offer. Yes, negotiating is an acceptable practice when it comes to tax bills. An offer-tax debts for a fraction of face value. It cannot, however, be requested beforehand.

Naturally, the taxpayer must be in compliance and must have the ability to pay and to borrow. For example, the taxpayer must be current on estimated tax payments or federal income tax withholding, must be making payroll tax deposits on time, and must have filed all tax returns when making an offer-in-compromise.

Like any creditor, the IRS prefers a partial payment to no payment at all. Thus, the IRS might be willing to settle a tax bill for less than the full amount if: (a) the owner or the landscaping business are unable to pay the full amount, (b) there is doubt as to how much the tax liability is, (c) collection of the liability would create economic hardship, or (d) due to exceptional circumstances such as a medical condition that prevents proper management of financial affairs, or reliance on erroneous advice from the IRS, the IRS’s collection of the full liability would be detrimental to the fair and equitable administration of tax laws.

For more more options if you can’t pay on time, including using your credit card, borrowing and just flat-out procrastinating, visit

L&L and live action!

We have a new app for the iPhone and iPad that brings Lawn & Landscape to life. The app includes stories with video components, extra information and other bonus features, while the advertisements can come to life with motion and sound. We’re also able to include many more photos with stories than we can in print and display them in higher resolution than we can on our website. One example is “The Business of Sandy,” which featured contractors who worked during Hurricane Sandy. With the proper soundtrack and addition of photos taken by the contractors, the story becomes like an action film starring Chuck Norris (well, not quite that good, but what is?). We’ll be tweaking the app and making it better every month, so download it today by visiting the iTunes store at

Now that’s potty humor

Tom Eden, field manager at New Jersey Irrigation Co. in Princeton, sent this one-liner in. He “found it” inscribed on the wall of a job site Porta-John: “Even if it’s your best work of the day, please close the lid.” Pretty funny, right? Well, for more of these follies from the field, and straight business advice, download the L&L and Grasshopper collaboration MOWmentum for the iPad at and for the Droid at

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