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May 1, 2013
Lawn & Landscape

Buyers Products Barn Door Toolboxes
The pitch: Buyers Products barn door underbody tool boxes feature design improvements.

  • The toolboxes feature a full perimeter D-bulb seal protecting against leaks.
  • The underbody boxes that are 18-, 24-, and 30-in. wide have a single, left-swing door with a single point latch.
  • A locking three-point, T-handle compression latch with low-friction roller also provides secure storage.

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EverGreen Mobile

The pitch: EverGreen Mobile is designed to reduce administrative time spent in the office while maximizing technician efficiency.

  • EverGreen Mobile allows technicians to access their schedule from the field, record detailed service information and print reports on site.
  • Record client signatures and process credit card payments with a mobile credit card reader.
  • Data can be synced from anywhere with a wi-fi connection.

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Noon Turf Care Front Rack
The pitch: The Front Rack from Noon Turf Care means less junk in your trunk.

  • Initial prototype model fits all Lesco #80 lawn spreaders.
  • Can be mounted on front or back of your truck.
  • Locks on the front or back of your truck to avoid theft.
  • Front mount enables you to tow a trailer at the same time.

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Subaru Big Block Engine

The pitch: Subaru Industrial Engines 35-horsepower EH90 and 40-horsepower EH99 big block V-Twin engines meet a growing demand for larger, air-cooled gasoline engines.

  • Both engines are 999cc and feature heavy-duty connecting rods.
  • The hardened exhaust valve and seats can handle high temperatures.
  • Temperature sensors will shut off the engine to prevent any damage from overheating due to clogged air intake valves.

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Toro Evolution Controller
The pitch: The Toro Evolution Irrigation controller is a menu-based controller that incorporates a digital interface.

  • The Evolution controller will be available in two models - an indoor model, as well as an outdoor model that features a locking door cover.
  • Evolution will be manufactured as a standard four zone controller, with the option to add 4 or 12 zone modules.
  • Users can upload site information and make schedule adjustments via a USB flash drive.

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Xero Flor Green Roof System

The pitch: The Xero Green Roof System is 100 percent American made and grown on local, independent farms.

  • Utilizes pre-vegetated mats based on advanced German technology – engineered and refined over more than four decades of ongoing R&D.
  • The standard Xero Flor XF112 root barrier is a water-impermeable sheet of 20-mil. low density polyethylene (LDPE),
  • Xero Flor has been installed in more than 30 states in the U.S.

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