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The next time a job requires some digging, these trenchers and V-plows should make the cut.

May 12, 2014
Lawn & Landscape Staff

1. Bainter Boom Trencher

The pitch: The Bainter Boom Trencher is a skid-steer attachment suitable for many different applications.

  • The Bainter Boom Trencher has forward-digging capability.
  • Trenching depth can be changed to dig deeper or shallower, as needed for your application, and available width extensions allow for a digging width of up to 12 inches.
  • The Trencher is also available as a 3-point hitch attachment.

For more information: www.bainterboomtrenchers.com


2. Barreto TK Track Trencher

The pitch: With each track providing 241 sq. in. of ground contact, Barreto tracks are designed to be less invasive on the landscape. The track drive can also be disconnected from the pump to avoid the trencher creeping when the clutch is released.

  • By combining tracks with additional weight, the Barreto TK can reduce the impact of hard soil conditions while cross-trenching.
  • Available engine options range from 13-23 horsepower.
  • Available digging depths of 24-48 inches.

For more information: www.barretomfg.com


3. Bobcat LT414

The pitch: The Bobcat LT414 trencher attachment is designed to dig into tough, rocky-soil types.

  • Use the side-shift feature – manual or hydraulic depending on the model – to dig a trench close to buildings, fences and other objects.
  • Equip the trencher with different teeth and chain options to maximize trenching capabilities in different soil conditions.
  • The LT414 delivers a 4- to 5-foot dig depth.

For more information: www.bobcat.com


4. Ditch Witch RT30

The pitch: The new RT30 is a ride-on, dedicated trencher with a sturdy, durable frame and is designed to provide consistent performance job after job.

  • Its maintenance-free pivot design is simplified and raised to keep the RT30 above dirt and debris.
  • It has a 24.8-hp (17.9-kW) Kubota diesel engine.
  • The RT30 can dig a trench up to 8 inches (20 cm) wide and 42 inches (107 cm) deep. Its 42-inch boom provides a 36-inch (91-cm) cover depth.

For more information: www.ditchwitch.com


5. Little Beaver Kwik-Trench

The pitch: The mini-trencher is offered in two models, the KT200B and KT2400B, both able to trench up to 30 feet per minute and achieve rotation speed of up to 800 rpm.

  • Able to cut through compacted clay, road fill, asphalt and tree roots up to 10 inches thick.
  • The KT200B has a 5.5-horsepower engine capable of achieving depths up to 8-inches and produces trenches from 1- to 3-inches wide
  • The KT2400B has an 8-horsepower engine, achieves depths up to 12 inches and produces trenches from 1 to 4 inches wide.

For more information: www.littlebeaver.com


6. Toro Pro Sneak 260 V-plow

The pitch: The Pro Sneak 360 Vibratory Plow is driven by a Caterpillar C1.6 four-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine and can be used as a trencher or plow.

  • Plows up to 24 inches deep, regardless of the terrain.
  • It features ten-degree frame oscillation to ensure constant wheel-to-ground contact when plowing.
  • An optional front-mounted trencher that delivers a dig depth of up to 36 inches also is available.

For more information: www.toro.com