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Instead of grabbing the rake, save time and use these blowers and vacuums to make the job easier.

June 11, 2014
Lawn & Landscape

1. Billy Goat MV Multi-Surface, Self Propelled Vac


The pitch: The MV Multi-Surface, Self Propelled Vac is a heavy-duty unit with a 29-inch cleanup width. It was designed to be used for large properties or commercial lots, hard surfaces and turf.

  • It is self-propelled with rear wheel drive.
  • The vac comes with a zipperless, easy-empty 40-gallon bag, and suction to spare. Customers have the option to purchase disposable bag liners that come in packs of 12 and eliminate the extra step of bagging debris.
  • Electric start is available and so is an optional 5-inch x 10 foot hose kit.

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2. BOB-CAT 12-bushel BOSS-Vac Pro

The pitch: The BOB-CAT 12-bushel BOSS-Vac Pro fits both the BOB-CAT ProCat and Predator-Pro mowers. A new front counter weight system uses easy-to-handle suitcase weights.

  • The design puts the weight where it’s most effective without blocking the operator’s sight line to the front.
  • The quick disconnect bumper mount lets operators attach or disconnect the collection system from the bumper hitch quickly and easily.
  • The Dump From Seat system features a double-hinge lift-pivot-dump system that lets the operator get within inches of an obstacle and still be able to empty the hopper.

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3. Core Outdoor Power E 420 Blower

The pitch: This spring, CORE debuted the E 420 handheld blower as part of the Elite line, which offers professional users improved performance with the same quiet operation as its original products.

  • It features a soft grip for durability and comfort.
  • Weighing only 10 pounds, the blower produces wind speeds of up to 130 MPH with airflow of up to 500 CFM.
  • CORE Elite products feature GasLess motor technology to pack twice the torque into the same package.

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4. ECHO-USA Blower

The pitch: ECHO’s PB-760LN has been upgraded for better ergonomics, more performance and easier serviceability.

  • The blower is equipped with a 63.3 cc engine, an air ventilation system and is available in either hip-mounted (PB-760LNH) or tube-mounted (PB-760LNT) throttle.
  • Features include: a straight back “L” frame; an extra-flexible tube; dual-stage; side-mounted, heavy-duty air filtration; wide-angle tube rotation; padded backrests and shoulder straps; and a leaf guard.
  • The vented back pad allows air to circulate around the user for comfortable operation in hot weather.

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5. Little Wonder C5 Blower

The pitch: Little Wonder introduces the C5, an all-new wheeled blower that weighs in at 102 lbs. and has more than 1,100 cfm of air movement.

  • The C5 blower features the Aim Rite nozzle that can be easily adjusted to blow air in any desired direction: downward to dislodge heavy, wet leaves, horizontal for wider coverage, and forward to clean areas close to walls and curbs.
  • It’s powered by a professional 170cc Subaru engine and a large 16 inch fan.
  • Large, flat-free front and back wheels provide stability over rolling terrain and slopes.

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