Bring on the snow with these new products

We know winter is over, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about which products you’ll need next season.

June 9, 2015
Lawn & Landscape
Snow and Ice Management

ACE Torwel’s 10-foot Economizer

The pitch: ACE Torwel’s snow and ice management division has a 10-foot Economizer spreader for long bed trucks.

  • The Economizer V-box spreaders are lightweight and feature 304 stainless steel construction.
  • The new 10-foot Economizer mechanical drive unit is powered by a 9 hp Honda gas engine with an in-cab panel control operating electric start, choke and throttle flow speed.
  • The 10-foot Economizer second power option is with truck PTO hydraulics (hydra-spread) and has a quiet dual hydraulic drive system all controlled in-cab.

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Brody Chemical Ice Beater

The pitch: Brody's Ice Beater is sized to fit broadcast and handheld spreaders.

  • Ice Beater's blend of ice-melting agents allows it to be effective at temperatures ranging from freezing to sub-zero.
  • The exothermic pellets give off heat to make the product work fast on surfaces.
  • Ice Beater is colored light blue to help you see where it has been spread.

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Pro-Tech Bucket Clamp

The pitch: The Bucket Clamp is a new custom connection option for the Sno Pusher product line.

  • This new connection eliminates chains, shackles and loose ratchet binders that can be difficult to maintain.
  • It decreases the average connection time and gives operators a new level of control when clearing snow.
  • It replaces the post-style connection found on standard rubber edge loader and backhoe models. The customer simply ratchets the clamp’s jaws to the bucket.

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SnowEx Automatixx

The pitch: The Automatixx power-assisted attachment system is a feature standard on the new line of SnowEx truck-mounted plows.

  • The attachment system uses a simple process, which can be completed entirely from the driver’s side of the vehicle.
  • The system includes removable receiver brackets, which provide good ground clearance when the plows are detached from the truck.
  • The Automatixx attachment system is found on SnowEx POWER PLOW, SPEEDWING, Heavy-Duty, Regular-Duty and Light-Duty snowplow models.

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Steiner Snow Blower Attachment

The pitch: The Steiner snow blower attachment has the power to clear snow from sidewalks, driveways and lots.

  • The solid steel hydraulic chute features a 237-degree rotation standard and optional electric chute deflection.
  • Roller bearings and brass bushings support a high-RPM auger and 1100-RPM impeller.
  • Choose the 48-inch two-stage snow blower for the 440 tractor or the 54-inch two-stage snow thrower for both the 440 and 235 tractors.

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