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July 15, 2013
Lawn & Landscape

Let’s make a deal

Barter exchanges help landscaping companies expand their customer base, stay busy during downtime and earn “money” to buy business necessities.

For as much as 10 percent of the business Grounds Maintenance Services in Brookfield, Wis., does each year, owner Todd Ruedt never gets paid. Yet that $110,000 a year isn’t a loss for Ruedt’s residential and commercial design, installation and maintenance company. Rather, he earns credits – or trade dollars – through the barter exchange he belongs to.

Ruedt isn’t the only landscaping business owner discovering the power of barter. Signing up for a barter exchange can help landscape companies fill gaps in their schedules, move excess inventory, attract new customers and create a new source of income that can be used for business expenses ranging from equipment repairs to advertising.

“As a business owner in this economy, you have to be looking at everything to increase your business and productivity. This is another extension of business you can use to grow your company,” Ruedt says.

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Stop, look and listen

Here’s a few podcasts from our Lawn Care Radio Network. Visit to subscribe for free via iTunes.

Welcome home
Moving your business from one location to the next can be a pain. To save some time, listen to Scott Cohen talk about what he would have done differently during his moving process. One hint, have a plan that accounts for rainy days.

Join the team
Franchising might be the most effective way to add a new service to your business. Paul Segreto, president and CEO of the Franchise Foundry gives an overview of the franchise world and what green industry professionals can expect if they decide to branch out.

Play by the rules
With stricter regulations on lawn care products becoming more common, Agrium’s Ben Cicora talks about how LCOs can become educated on the topic, and work within the new laws.


Vote with pride
Love the green industry? Jonesing to vote for something, anything? Well, we have just the thing for you. Go to to vote on the “Planting Pride Photo Contest: Capturing the Spirit of America in Bloom.” This contest, sponsored by America in Bloom and GIE Media, will showcase efforts to beautify and improve communities. Photos will be categorized into seven criteria: floral displays, landscaped areas, urban forestry, environmental efforts, heritage preservation, overall impression and community involvement.

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