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Here's a sampling of some attachments you can use next time you need to cultivate turf.

July 15, 2013
Lawn & Landscape Staff

When you can complete multiple jobs on one piece of equipment, it makes your life and your employees’ lives easier. So, if you’re able to mow a lawn and cultivate it without switching machines, why not do it? We rounded up a few cultivation attachments that you can attach to your mower or tractor.

Brinly 40-in. Dethatcher
The pitch: The Brinly 40-in. Dethatcher was recently re-released with transport wheels that can be engaged or disengaged while seated. 

  • The 20 independently flexing tines are 3/16-in. in diameter and feature a spring steel with triple coil strength.
  • Three modes of operation (dethatch, scarify and transport) are all easily engaged from tractor seat.
  • Tines come pre-assembled on tine tray to decrease assembly time.

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Husqvarna Mulching Kit
The pitch: The kit includes everything needed to convert the lawn tractor to a mulching application.

  • Mulching converts clippings into very small particles.
  • Clippings that are mulched are sent back into the lawn as nutrients.
  • Husqvarna offers mulch kits that fit all of our lawn tractors, including those with 38-, 42-, 46-, 48- and 54-in. decks.

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Grasshopper AERA-vator
The pitch: Aerate and loosen compacted soil in less time with less labor with a Grasshopper AERA-vator coreless lawn aerator.

  • The PTO-driven AERA-vator works without slicing or cutting.
  • The vibrating tines deep-fracture soil instead of plugging cores, which means turf areas are immediately available for use.
  • The AERA-vator attaches in place of the out-front mower deck for zero-turn maneuverability.

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TurfEx TS200 Spreader
The pitch: TurfEx’s TS200 spreader is a zero-turn mower attachment capable of spreading seed, fertilizer and ice melt.

  • It holds up to 2.5 cubic ft. of material and features a corrosion-resistant polyethylene hopper to reduce weight.
  • The spreading operation is controlled via the manual flow gate and electric-powered spinner, both of which can be actuated from the mower’s seat.
  • The spinner includes adjustable paddles for fine-tuning the spread pattern.

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