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These compact equipment attachments can help with any landscaping job.

July 11, 2014
Lawn & Landscape

1. Bobcat Push Broom

The pitch:
This push broom attachment is faster than hand sweeping, and is able to clean along tight areas such as curbs and walls.

  • It has the ability to sweep materials when operating in either forward or reverse.
  • For a loader model, the push broom attaches to the bucket with spring-loaded pins.
  • Sweep and clean up materials, whether wet or dry. Designed for sweeping dirt, leaves, light snow, standing water, and spilled materials.

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2. CEAttachments Heavy-clipper
The pitch: The EDGE Heavy-Duty High Reach Clipper is designed for commercial and rental use for contractors.

  • The rotator is hard-wearing and built with several extra gussets, and features 110 degree rotation.
  • A wireless remote control allows the operator to activate the solenoid valve for rotation, without the complication of wires getting tangled in brush.
  • It's made of 5/8-inch steel for durability in cutting trees and branches up to 9-inches in diameter.

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3. John Deere MH60C Mulching Head
The pitch: The MH60C Mulching Head is designed for durability by utilizing oversize 64-mm (2.5 inch) sealed rotor bearings and double carbide-tipped teeth.

  • The heavy-duty push bar helps to topple trees and brush while protecting the carrier from any flying debris.
  • Featuring a two-speed hydraulic system, the mulching head is able to efficiently utilize available horsepower.
  • Preset pressure levels allow the motor to automatically shift to high displacement.

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4. Toro 22520 Narrow Bucket

The pitch: Toro's narrow bucket attachment can handle compact construction and remodeling sites by moving through 36 inches gates.

  • This 34.5 inch-wide bucket allows you to get through narrow spaces, including gates and doorways.
  • Can be used on the Dingo TX 420 or any Dingo model equipped with narrow wheels and tires.
  • The steel cutting edge extends the life of the bucket and keeps the cutting edge uniform.

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