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Features - Cover Feature: The Water Issue

When it comes to intelligent watering, these products have you covered.

July 10, 2014
Lawn & Landscape

1. The BaseStation 1000

The pitch: Baseline's BaseStation 1000 is a smart controller designed to provide features for intelligent watering. The BaseStation 1000 works with Baseline’s patented two-wire technology.

  • It comes standard with flow monitoring and management options, support for Baseline’s soil moisture sensors, mobile access and central control connectivity.
  • The BaseStation 1000 can operate 50 zones, manage one complete point of connection (master valve, flow sensor and pump), and support 20 programs and 10 soil moisture sensors. The BaseStation 1000 can be expanded to support up to 100 zones, three points of connection, 40 programs and 20 sensors.
  • It is equipped for Baseline’s LiveView, which makes your controller accessible from any Internet-ready device.

For more information: www.baselinesystems.com


2. The I-Core Irrigation Controller

The pitch: Hunter’s I-Core advanced irrigation controller now has built-in compatibility with the Hunter Solar Sync climate sensor, allowing automatic self-adjustment for changing weather conditions.

  • The new version of the controller features a Solar Sync dial position and allows all sensor setup functions from the main control panel.
  • The controller also permits a Solar Sync Delay feature, allowing the installer to specify a number of days before the controller switches to automatic adjustment mode.
  • Each of the controller’s four irrigation programs may be set to use the weather adjustment or to run individually without automatic adjustment for special applications. The climate sensor also adds the ability for automatic rain and freeze shutdowns.

For more information: www.hunterindustries.com


3. 400A battery-operated controllers

The pitch: The 400A series battery-operated controllers are a solution for irrigation control when AC power is not available. Fully waterproof, you can easily program your 400A series controller to meet your landscape’s unique watering needs.

  • The controllers are intuitive and simple to program, with multiple programming options available and a large LCD screen with easy-to-read icons.
  • The controller is rain sensor compatible, and the sealed potting technique provides IP68-rated waterproofing.
  • The 400A series has a battery life of up to three years, and the controller can handle both below-grade in a valve box, or above-grade.

For more information: www.digcorp.com


4. The ESP-SMTe

The pitch: The ESP-SMTe is an enhanced version of the original ESP-SMT that features numerous enhancements and the ability to manage up to 22 zones.

  • Like its predecessor, the ESP-SMTe consists of two key components: a controller chassis with an integrated smart panel and an on-site weather station that includes a temperature sensor with an integrated solar shield and a unique tipping rain bucket for instantaneous rainfall measurement.
  • An on-screen wizard prompts users for site-specific and zone-specific information to create a customized, optimum irrigation schedule.
  • The ESP-SMTe also combines historical data along with actual temperature and rainfall data to determine how much water is needed to maintain the optimum level of moisture in the soil. Each day, the controller uses all this information to adjust the schedule.

For more information: www.rainbird.com