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Hardscape design doesn’t have to be difficult with these useful tools.

August 11, 2014
Lawn & Landscape

Edgetite fasteners

The pitch: Edgetite fasteners are a “spike” for securing the paver edging to both the base and, through static pressure, to the outside course of the brick field.

Using the angled tip design, it “wedges” the edging against the brick, resists frost heave, strengthens the installation and restricts sideways movement.

This product is designed to be used in any project that includes an edge restraint system for securing the edges of the paver installation.

Edgetite fasteners are made from round steel, 10 inches in length, 5/16 inch in width with a ½ inch diameter nail head and has an approximate 15 degree angle starting 1 ¼ inches from the tip to promote deflection.

For more information: www.edgetite.com


i-Lighting System

The pitch: The new iluma Hardscape Retrofit Lighting System enables quick and easy installations with existing hardscape applications.

It's designed with 5mm wiring and available in several configurations. This includes standard or customizable lengths with an option of 3-, 6- or 9-inch light strips spaced evenly apart.

Photocell technology senses ambient light and automatically turns lights on and off for both safety and security. The System operates on a DC power supply creating minimum line voltage drops and shocking hazards.

All i-lighting’s LED lighting systems are rated for 12-plus years of operation if used 24-hours-a-day/seven-days-a-week.

For more information: www.i-lightingonline.com


The iQ Power Tools iQPC912

The pitch: The iQPC912 Dust Control Power Cutter is a gas powered cut-off saw made to eliminate dust problems.

The iQPC912 has a 12-inch blade and is designed by contractors to eliminate the silica hazard on your job sites, maintaining your silica exposure to OSHA standards.

No water means 100 percent dry cutting, eliminating slurry and wet cutting problems.

The vacuum and filter systems collect up to 90 percent of the dust, allowing you to work right at your job site without having to make trips back and forth. The collection system also means less time spent cleaning up.

For more information: www.iqpowertools.com


John Deere 310K EP

The pitch: Powered by an IT4/ Stage III B John Deere PowerTech engine, the 310K EP meets IT4 standards without after-treatment components and diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

This eliminates the need for additional operator training or extra monitoring of machines that have numerous operators focused primarily on quickly getting on and off a machine.

The 70 hp model features a five-speed transmission and a single loader lever with integrated electro-hydraulic (EH) auxiliary loader control that eliminates the need for a second lever when using a multi-purpose bucket.

It also features a completely redesigned cab, with ventilation that circulates cab air from front-to-back, directing airflow where operators need it the most.

For more information: www.deere.com


Kubota M59 TLB

The pitch: Kubota offers a line of four-wheel-drive utility tractors – including the M59.

The power utility M59 is a 59-horsepower TLB has four-wheel-drive for power and stability, an integrated main frame and a heavy-duty rear axle for extended life and smooth stopping performance.

The M59’s backhoe has a 12-foot digging depth and offers more power than Kubota’s previous TLB models, with a bucket digging force of over 7,600 lbs. The loader has a lifting power of 3,960 lbs.

The HST Plus Transmission provides automated control of both the HST pump and motor, and featues HST Response Control and Auto Throttle Advance.

For more information: www.kubota.com


Pine Hall Brick Esplanade Pavers

The pitch: Esplanade pavers are a new product by Pine Hall Brick Co., that allow landscape architects to choose a variety of laying patterns.

The size of the pavers is 2¾ inch by 8 3/8 inches by 2 ¾ inches thick.

Esplanade is available in a variety of clear-burn colors.

While they appear similar to conventional pavers, they direct rainwater into the ground, where it is naturally filtered, rather than across a hard surface like asphalt, where it picks up pollutants and takes them to the nearest stream.

For more information: www.pinehallbrick.com


Red River Products Cambria

The pitch: The new Cambria is a large scale paver with multiple surface textures. The new Cambria paver meets or exceeds all ASTM standards for interlocking concrete pavers.

It is a standard 60mm (2 3/8 inches) thick and is available in four different sizes: 4x8 inches, 8x8 inches, 8x12 inches and 12x12 inches.

All four sizes come mixed on a pallet. The Cambria is sold untumbled but can be tumbled by special order.

It is currently manufactured in Red River’s most popular colors: Driftwood and Mocha. Additional colors will be added in the coming months.

For more information: www.redriverproducts.com


Stihl GS 461 Rock Boss

The pitch: The STIHL GS 461 Rock Boss cuts up to 15.7 inches deep into concrete, reinforced concrete (with rebar up to ½ inch), cinder blocks, masonry bricks, asphalt and soft stone.

Features include a low exhaust emission engine, HD2 heavy-duty air filter, advanced water controls and low vibration.

The GS 461 Rock Boss also features STIHL's Diamond Abrasive Saw Chain.

Aubber bumper in the front of the engine housing helps protect the unit in the cut, and the upright filter cap keeps dust out.

For more information: www.stihlusa.com