ISO 9001/SN 9001 taking off

Features - Snow and Ice

August 11, 2014
kevin gilbride

Kevin Gilbride

In November 2012 the Accredited Snow Contractors of America introduced something new, and dare I say a bit revolutionary, to the professional snow and ice management industry.

What we’d developed was a new designation that is a combination of the globally recognized and respected ISO 9001 certification, along with a snow industry specific SN 9001 certification that is based on our Industry Standards.

Together, this combined quality management system validates that the processes and procedures that comprise your snow and ice management ops ensure service quality. It also verifies your company operates by the ANSI/ASCA Industry Standards for snow and ice management.

There are many benefits to companies that become certified. Companies that have become (or are in the process of becoming) ISO 9001 and SN 9001 certified report that, first and foremost, the quality management systems improved their overall processes and procedures. The end result is an operation and an overall company that runs more efficiently. This alone is worth the time, effort and cost of becoming certified.

Secondly, companies are finding the ISO 9001/SN 9001 designation is a tremendous sales-and-marketing tool for their companies. There are millions of ISO 9001 certified companies throughout the world. Professionals in numerous business sectors recognize and appreciate what it means to earn the ISO 9001 designation. Snow and ice management companies are setting themselves apart and using that differentiating factor to increase their sales and strengthen their business relationships.

Finally, another benefit – and perhaps the most important – is risk management. SN 9001, is a risk management focused quality management system. SN 9001 shows you have implemented all aspects of the ANSI/ASCA Industry Standards. These standards, officially titled “ANSI/ASCA A1000-2014: System Requirements for Snow and Ice Management Services,” were developed to protect you from baseless and frivolous slip-and-fall lawsuits.

The fact is most slip-and-fall claims are either lost or settled due to lack of thorough or accurate documentation. SN 9001 ensures you have that documentation, and it provides your insurance company the details to defend you. Never before have the insurance companies had a sure-fire system to identify contractors who were defense worthy compared to those that were not. SN 9001 is a neon sign that you have done your job and you can prove it.

I congratulate Case Snow Management, BSR Services, and Perficut Companies on becoming the first companies to earn their ISO 9001/SN 9001 certifications. I know dozens of others who are in the process.