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August 12, 2014
Lawn & Landscape

One-stop shopping

Our Top 100 is always one of our most popular issues, and what we get asked about the most. To make it easier for you to find information about the current and past Top 100s, we saved you some time and put our Top 100 stories, lists and other related items in one place on our website.

We also have links to sign up for or download our Top 100 webinars, which will feature conversations with the owners of Top 100 companies. Visit to receive all of this information and more.

We already received feedback on our first webinar with Larry Ryan of Ryan Tree Care. Here’s what Matt Noon, president of Noon Turf Care (who you can read more about on PG. 38), had to say.

“I just wanted to thank you for hosting the value added Ryan webinar today. I learned a tremendous amount and it really gave the audience a unique insight into the philosophies of how a successful business owner runs their business. Really creative to think of this!”

Visit to listen to the webinar and find out if you agree with Noon.


A plan for pests

Lawn & Landscape has launched a new newsletter called the Playbook, which consists of articles on effective pest management to help grow your business. Below are three articles featured in the inaugural newsletter. Visit to see the articles from all Playbook newsletters.

Getting rid of grubs
A beautifully maintained lawn is an oasis for a homeowner, but it’s also prime real estate for beetles. Grub infestations can do serious damage to healthy grass by eating away at, and destroying, root systems. Here’s what to do if you find grubs in your area.

Safe and effective
From flower thrips to gladiolus thrips to chilli thrips, Florida is home to many of the pests, both native and invasive. The chilli thrip, in particular, has been causing trouble for central Florida LCOs. Thrips are more prevalent during the hot and dry summer months.

Emerald Ash Emergency
It can demolish the largest ash trees in just a few years, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Emerald ash borer has become a serious pest since it was found in Michigan in 2002, spreading west to Colorado, south to Georgia and up to Canada.



Listen up

Check out a couple of podcasts from our Lawn Care Radio Network:

Chinch bug control
Dr. Chris Williamson, of the University of Wisconsin, talks about his research with chinch bugs, and what damage from the insect will look like and what LCOs can do to treat them. He also breaks down the two types of insecticides used to treat chinch bugs.

Fuel for thought
Gary Busboom, chief development engineer at Exmark, talks about RED Technology and how much a contractor can save using propane. He also gives some insight on what propane does for an average contractor and why they should consider it as a fuel option.