2012 Snow & Ice Report: Products

Features - 2012 Snow & Ice Report

September 11, 2012
Lawn & Landscape Staff

Boss Snowplow Power-V XT
The pitch: The 6-foot, 7-inch Power-V XT plow featuring a high performance cutting edge, built-in curb guards and snow catcher.

  • Flared blade wings with an enhanced curl throw snow higher and farther than straight blade plows for improved efficiency and less time on the job.
  • An enclosed hydraulics package protects against corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up.
  • The full moldboard trip design prevents plow damage when an obstacle is encountered.

For more information: www.bossplow.com

Chamtech Systems Retractable Enclosure and Cover
The pitch: Chamtech offers solutions to weather protect your bulk amenity dry storage materials.

  • Chamtech has custom engineered applications to match your specific needs.
  • Your material will always be ready to use without costly silos or expensive specialized transportation costs.

For more information: www.chamtechsystems.com

Clear Span Helical Anchoring System

The pitch: Offers cost-effective, environmentally friendly ground anchoring options to keep your Hercules Truss Arch Buildings secured.

  • The Helical Anchoring System eliminates the need for a concrete foundation, meaning that minimal site work is needed to prepare for your building.
  • With Helical Anchors, you are able to drill directly into the ground, making them a fast and convenient choice for securing your structure.
  • These anchors are classified as 100 percent temporary, yet can remain for as long as needed without being replaced.

For more information: www.ClearSpan.com/ADSM