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September 6, 2013
Lawn & Landscape Staff

Dosko log splitters
The pitch: Dosko recently released two log splitters to its tree care equipment line.

  • The 2000LS-H is a 20 ton, two-way splitter featuring a Honda GX160 commercial grade engine with oil alert. This unit splits in both the forward and reverse strokes with a 7-second cycle time.
  • The 3700LS-H is a 37-ton splitter offering horizontal/vertical splitting and a 14-second cycle time.
  • The 3700LS-H has a full-size log table capable of splitting logs up to 24” long.

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ECHO Displacement Chainsaw
The pitch: ECHO’s CS-620P, a 59.8cc professional chainsaw is based on the CS-600P, but with a modified engine to produce 13 percent more power.

  • The saw is available in 18”, 20”, 24” and 27” bar lengths.
  • Features an aluminum handle with rubber grip, a magnesium sprocket guard, dual bumper spikes and a Performance Cutting System.
  • A companion model, the CS-620PW, features a wrap handle to give the user more options when felling a tree.

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The pitch:
STIHL’s MSA 160 C-BQ combines its lithium-ion battery technology with power and efficiency.

  • Delivers gasoline-free, zero-emission and cordless electric power.
  • Has zero exhaust emissions and is designed for noise and emission- sensitive areas like green roofs and urban environments.
  • Reduced vibration, as compared to the gasoline-powered equivalent, improves operator comfort and a second chain braking system is designed to stop the chain when the trigger is released.

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Gravely Log Splitter
Gravely introduces the new 22-ton Log Splitter. With a 22-ton splitting force, the log splitter cuts through most types of wood and can accommodate a variety of jobs.

  • The new Gravely log splitter features an open operating zone, which promotes less operator bending, reaching and fatigue as operators can walk right into to the work zone.
  • Controls are centrally located and allow operation from either side of the machine.
  • 174cc, 4.5hp Subaru Vertical Shaft OHC engine, 12-second cycle time and a 25-inch log capacity

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OREGON PS250 Lithium-Ion Pole Saw
The pitch: OREGON introduces the next product in their Cordless Tool System with the launch of the PS250 Lithium-Ion, adjustable length Pole Saw.

  • The Pole Saw extends from approximately 7’ to more than 10’, offering 14’ to 15’ of reach for most people.
  • The 8” bar on the compact cutting head provides increased agility over to make hard to reach cuts.
  • The unit weighs approximately 13 lbs. with battery.

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Wicked Tree Gear Pole Saw

The pitch: Wicked Tree Gear’s Pole makes light work of trimming.

  • The pole saw comes in two lengths: 6’ and 12’ both telescoping from 19” and 32”.
  • The pole saws weigh 2.5 lbs for the 6-ft. model and 3.9 lbs for the 12-ft. model.
  • Other features include a fail-safe blade lock design and no plastic, cast aluminum frame.

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