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October 11, 2012
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Bobcat T750 Compact Track Loader
The pitch: Bobcat T750 compact track loader, part of the M-Series line of loaders, provides productivity and the ability to extend your working season.

  • The T750 has an operating weight of 10,327 lbs.
  • A rated operating capacity of 3,325 lbs.
  • Powered by an 85-hp turbo-diesel engine.
  • With the optional pressurized cab, operators can work in comfort and have improved visibility of the working area.

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Case Upgraded TR320 AND TV380 Compact Track Loaders
The pitch: Case Construction Equipment recently upgraded its TR320 (pictured) and TV380 Alpha Series compact track loaders, which now feature 90-hp (67-kW), 3.4-liter Case diesel engines with the full high-pressure common rail (HPCR) design typically used in larger construction equipment.

  • To meet Tier 4 Interim emission requirements, Case equipped the models with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) technology, including diesel particulate filter and diesel oxidizing catalyst.
  • Rated operating capacities are 3,200 lb (1451 kg) in the TR320, and 3,800 lb (1723 kg) for the TV380.
  • The Case 3.4L engine in the upgraded Alpha Series compact track loaders features a new, patented piston design – specifically engineered for use in high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel systems
  • Electronic engine controls monitor EGR sensors and other inputs to determine diesel particulate filter (DPF) system regeneration needs.

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Caterpillar D Series Skid-Steer and Compact Track Loaders
The pitch:
The new Cat 272D skid-steer loader and 299D compact track loader, replacing their C Series predecessors, are now joined by a pair of high performance counterparts, the 272D XHP and 299D XHP, which are the largest, most powerful Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders Caterpillar has ever built.

  • The new D Series models build on the premium features, solid performance, quality and durability of the C Series by adding a more powerful engine, the Cat C3.8, which meets Stage IIIB and Tier 4 Interim emissions standards, and by incorporating design features that further enhance lifting, digging and work tool performance.
  • Net horsepower increases for the new D Series models range from 5 to 18 percent and flywheel torque is increased from 13 to 27 percent.
  • The new engine uses a redesigned air intake path for added efficiency, and a dealer installed pre-cleaner kit is available for dusty, dirty applications.
  • Larger lift cylinders on all four new D Series models provide a 19-percent boost in lifting force, compared with C Series models. An available electrically activated quick coupler replaces the previously used hydraulically actuated coupler, allowing a simpler design that eliminates hydraulic lines, connectors and valves.

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Gehl Articulated Loaders
The pitch: Gehl compact articulated loader models 140, 340 and 540 are designed to fit both the budget and the application at hand.

  • Gehl articulated loaders feature tipping loads ranging from 1,900 to more than 5,100 pounds (when not articulated) and rated operating capacities from 950 to more than 2,550 pounds.
  • These machines can run virtually all universal-type attachments, putting tools customers already own to good use.
  • Compact sizes from as narrow as 41 in. on the model 140.
  • Articulated steering allows for turns up to 45 degrees.

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JCB’s New Generation small platform compact track loaders

The pitch:
JCB’s three new compact track loaders — the 150T, 190T and 205T — are more maneuverable than the large platform New Generation models in tight, confined areas and are easily transported from job site to job site.

  • The 150T machine features radial lift, which offers improved digging geometry for heavy loading applications.
  • Because they contain fewer pins and bushings, radial lift machines perform well in high-cycle applications.
  • The 190T and 205T models offer vertical lift, which provides maximum reach at full height.
  • Features a side-entry door that allows operators to enter and exit the machines without crawling over any attachments. This design also increases the operator’s visibility to 270 degrees.

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John Deere 324J Compact Wheel Loader
The pitch:
The John Deere 324J is a 74-hp compact wheel loader that combines outstanding maneuverability, travel speed, breakout force, reach and stability in an innovative package.

  • Oscillating stereo steering delivers a smooth-turning radius for faster work cycles and better material retention over rough terrain.
  • In addition, the 324J features a spacious cab, extra uptime from sealed electrical connections, more durable axles, and extended service intervals.
  • The hydrostatic drivetrain’s infinitely variable range allows contractors to match travel speed to the work at hand and inch ahead while maintaining full hydraulic power.
  • Equipped with an IT4 emission-certified engine, the 324J travels at speeds up to 19 mph.

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Mustang RT Series Track Loaders

The pitch: Mustang’s new RT Series Track Loader models, the 1750RT and 2100RT, offers breakthrough technology.

  • The Mustang RT Series Track Loaders feature the industry-exclusive HydraTrac Automatic Track Tensioning System, which eliminates the need for manually tensioning the tracks on the loader before operation.
  • Yanmar Tier III naturally aspirated (1750RT) and turbocharged (2100RT) diesel engine with 179 ft. lbs. (242.3 Nm) and 206 ft. lbs. (279.3 Nm) torque respectively, and AntiStall technology provides the power to handle large jobs.
  • Lifts over 127.5” (3239 mm) high.
  • Tilt-out foot pod provides easy access to the fuel tank and other components under the cab.

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New Holland 200 Series Track Loaders

The pitch: The New Holland 200 Series compact track loaders have been designed from the ground up, based on input from customers across North America.

  • The C232 and C238 are rated at 76 and 84 hp.
  • The C232 has a rated operating capacity of 3,200 lbs. and a bucket breakout force of 8,585 lbs.
  • The C238 has a rated operating capacity of 3,800 lbs. and a bucket breakout force of 8,585 lbs.
  • The C227 is rated at 70 hp (52 kW), with a rated operating capacity of 2,700 lbs. and a bucket breakout force of 7,145 lbs.

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Takeuchi TL10 and TL12 Track Loaders
The pitch:
The TL10 and TL12 track loaders are Takeuchi’s most powerful track loaders to date.

  • Features EPA Tier 4i compliant engines, along with an exclusive “Eco Mode” function designed to reduce fuel consumption during operation.
  • New selectable auxiliary work modes allow the operator to fine-tune the auxiliary hydraulic output to three specific attachment settings for reduced downtime on jobsites.
  • The TL10 has an operating weight of 10,318 lbs, a tip load of 6,867 lbs (7,793 lbs with optional counterweight), and an improved rated operating capacity of 2,403 lbs (2,723 lbs with optional counterweight).
  • The more robust TL12 has an operating weight of 11,618 lbs, tip load of 8,102 lbs (9,315 lbs with optional counterweight).

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Terex TL60 Compact Wheel Loader

The pitch:
Terex TL60 Compact Wheel Loader offers economical, quiet, and low-maintenance operation without sacrificing cutting-edge technology.

  • Each model incorporates transverse-mounted engines for optimal stability, so Terex wheel loaders can lift and transport high payloads, and, in turn, lower fuel consumption.
  • Designed with an oscillating rear axle, it maintains 4-wheel traction, as well as articulated steering.
  • The Terex TL60 Compact Wheel Loader is 50 hp, with bucket capacities between 0.65 yd3 to 1.3 yd3.
  • Achieves a breakout force of 8,325 lbs.

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Vermeer S450TX mini skid-steer
The pitch: A 500-lbs (226.8 kg) SAE-rated operating capacity with a 1,430-pound (648.6 kg) tipping capacity gives the S450TX a lot of muscle for its size.

  • A four-pump hydraulic system provides performance and efficiency when powering attachments.
  • A single pilot-operated joystick is now integrated into the S450TX platform.
  • The S450TX is offered in either a Kubota 24.8-hp (18.2 kW) diesel engine or a Kohler EFT 27-hp (19.9 kW) gas engine.

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Volvo L45G and L50G wheel loaders

The pitch: The new L45G and L50G feature the latest emissions-compliant engines and Volvo patented TP Linkage, ensuring high breakout force and parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range.

  • The progressive lift helps retain loose bucket material and minimizes disturbing the load when lifting pallets.
  • The breakout torque is also useful if a log grapple is fitted, giving complete load control in all positions.
  • Producing between 98 – 114 horsepower (73 – 85 kW), the D4 engine in these machines leads the industry in terms of fuel efficiency, reliability and quietness.
  • An attachment bracket allows the operator to clearly see the attachment points from the cab, and the variety of Volvo attachments available is extensive.

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