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October 11, 2012
Lawn & Landscape

Honda V-Twin Engines Series
The pitch:
The V-Twin is the most powerful engine series offered by Honda.

  • Featuring six models, the V-Twin engine line offers customers more power, versatility and greater fuel economy in a more compact package.
  • The GX630, GX660, GX690, GXV630, GXV660 and GXV690 engines are available in both horizontal and vertical shaft configurations for a greater range of utility covering a wide range of commercial, rental and turf applications.
  • Features a cutting-edge style that looks different from other engines and in concert with the 36 blade low noise resin cooling fan improves cooling efficiencies.
  • Useful for applications that require more power, yet dictate a smaller-sized engine due to product configuration.

For more information: www.honda.com

Kawasaki FX1000V

The pitch: Kawasaki’s FX100V 90-degree V-Twin engine is the largest displacement of its 13-model FX Series.

  • Featuring hemispherical combustion chambers and overhead V-valve technology that helps ensure low emissions, high power, and smooth operation.
  • The unit features a twin barrel, internally vented carburetor with fuel shut-off solenoid, large capacity fuel pump, dual stage canister air filter, automatic compression release, and a heavy-duty shift-type starter.
  • Matched with electronic spark ignition, a metal engine cover, cast-iron cylinder liners, and a dry weight of 138 lbs.

For more information: www.kawpower.com

Kohler 999cc CARB Compliant Engine

The pitch: Kohler Engines has launched a 999cc California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant engine.

  • Incorporates a Secondary Air Injection (SAI) system to meet the latest emissions standards in all 50 U.S. states.
  • Kohler’s unique SAI system injects air into the engine’s exhaust manifold to significantly minimize pollutants and enhance overall engine performance.
  • The powerful and easy-to-maintain new 999cc is ideal for use in a wide range of commercial applications, including agricultural tractors, lawn tractors, pumps, rollers, generators and other power equipment.

For more information: www.KohlerEngines.com

Subaru’s EX Series Engines
The pitch: Subaru’s EX Series engines feature chain-driven overhead cam (OHC) technology.

  • Feature Subaru’s 5-year limited warranty.
  • EX Series engines include the EX13, EX17, EX21, EX27, EX30, EX35 and EX40 models, ranging in horsepower offerings from 4.5 to 14.
  • The engines are ideal for use with outdoor power equipment including edgers, tillers, blowers and lawn vacs.
  • All models comply with both EPA and CARB emission regulations.

For more information: www.subarupower.com