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October 11, 2012
Lawn & Landscape

Emergency lawn services
Randy Glotfelty was getting ready to head out of town, but with all the last minute preparation he had to do for the trip, he realized he completely forgot about his lawn. He needed someone fast to do the work, but didn’t have a landscaper on speed dial because he normally mowed his own lawn.

That situation sparked the idea for the website, a group of landscapers waiting for customers to send in their emergency mowing needs. Glotfelty and co-founder Mark Rupert interview landscapers and make sure they are fit for the service. Once approved, the landscaper will receive requests for last minute lawn services. The first to respond gets the job. Learn more about the service from a podcast we did with Glotfelty by visiting and search “Glotfelty.”

Time for change
Industry veteran Bryan Mours says one thing holds company’s back from growing: fear to progress. Here’s a snippet from Mours’ column, which you can read in its entirety at

“The culture of the organization needs to be the first place the CEO and his executive staff need to work so that everything they do and things that they say are presented in a way that emphasizes the importance of change. In one of my businesses, I made innovation my focus and offered one suggestion a week to my staff on how I felt we could innovate and change to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

“I suggested, I did not force changes upon the staff. It was their job to take my ideas and improve them or tell me I was crazy. Either way, it was the team that was making the change happen at the company.”

Fuel for thought
Landscapers will be interested in improved gas mileage on the new Ram 1500.

L&L traveled to Nashville to get an up close look at the 2013 RAM, and even test drive the truck. You can read the wrap up of the event To watch a video of Bob Hegbloom, director of the Ram Truck brand, type in Hegbloom gives a vehicle overview, while we give you a walk around of the truck.

Taking out loans and telling stories
We’ve been populating the Lawn Care Radio Network with great podcasts about running your business. Two of our most recent additions involved taking out loans for your business. First, author and veteran businessman, Victor Green, gave his insight on what small businesses need to think about when taking out a loan. Green says money isn’t always the solution to problems in your business.

We also spoke with author Roger Jones about how leaders can tell stories to better reach employees and customers. To listen to these, and all our podcasts in the LCRN, visit You can also visit to have the podcasts downloaded directly to your iTunes library as soon as we upload them.

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Through a multi-channel social media presence, Bobcat wants to build on its brand loyalty.

Man killed in lawnmower accident
A Kentucky landscaper was mowing on a hill with a steep grade when his zero-turn mower lost traction and rolled over, landing on top of and killing him.

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