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October 11, 2012
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C-FORCE Calcium Chloride Pellets
The pitch: International Salt Co.’s C-FORCE is a 100 percent calcium chloride pellet generates heat through an exothermic reaction.

  • Able to rapidly melt ice and snow in temperatures as low as -25°F.
  • C-FORCE heat-generating pellets are available in new 9-lbs. jug.
  • Supplementing the product’s availability in 50-lbs double-lined durable poly bags and one-ton super sacks.

For more information: www.internationalsalt.com

Curtis Industries Sno-Pro Fast-Cast 550E

The pitch:
Curtis Industries has introduced the Sno-Pro Fast-Cast 550E, a spreader for snow and ice control that is quiet and environmentally friendly.

  • The new electric V-box spreader is lightweight, featuring a stainless steel carriage and an aluminum hopper that won’t rust.
  • Features a quiet, durable electric motor that draws less than 20 amps.
  • Spreads from 1-24 ft.

For more information: www.curtisindustries.net

Diamond Crystal Dyn-O Melt Ice Melter
The pitch:
 This ice melter features a unique, three-component blend of magnesium chloride, diammonium phosphate and sodium chloride.

  • Delivers accelerated deicing.
  • Features a patented corrosion inhibitor, making it up to five times less corrosive on steel than rock salt.
  • Available in 50-lbs. bags.

For more information: www.internationalsalt.com

Kage SnowStorm System

The pitch: The Kage SnowStorm System is a snowplow and pusher combined into one simple and fast combination.

  • Features hydraulic clamps mounted on the top that allow the operator to hook up to the Patented SnowKage Box.
  • Has the ability to angle plow and backdrag, then change over to pushing in seconds.
  • Plow floating feature allows the plow to follow most contours, scraping cleanly as you go.

For more information: www.kageinnovation.com

SaltDogg Spreader
The pitch: 
 Buyers Products’ SaltDogg SHPE6000 salt spreader is a lightweight but heavy-duty poly hopper.

  • Is the largest poly hopper in the SaltDogg line and is built to carry 6 cubic yards of material.
  • Designed with a large-diameter auger system that travels the length of the hopper floor.
  • An in-cab console features independent controls for the auger, spinner and vibrator.

For more information: www.buyersproducts.com

SnowEx SR-110 and SR-210

The pitch: The SnowEx SR-110 and SR-210 utility spreaders are equipped with wireless controls, which eliminate the need to route an electrical harness to the cab and allow simple plug-and-play operation.

  • Both models attach to a variety of vehicles, including pickups, SUVs, cars, utility vehicles and ATVs.
  • The SR-110 and SR-210 both feature a 3-cubic-foot capacity hopper.
  • The wireless remote controls the rate of the two-speed spinner and toggles the electric motor on and off.

For more information: www.snowexproducts.com


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