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Keep your shop ready with these less-than-glamorous, but necessary parts of your landscaping business.

October 4, 2013
Lawn & Landscape

A.R.E Workcover LS
The pitch: A.R.E.’s Commercial Division is expanding its product line with the new WorkCover LS, a fiberglass tonneau cover available for 2005 to current Toyota Tacoma standard length bed trucks.

  • Features two doors on each side. Additionally, the entire cover opens from the rear of the truck using a hinge system at the front of the cover.
  • The WorkCover LS features approximately 3 extra inches of storage room above the bed rail.
  • A.R.E. offers options such as remote keyless entry and LED strip lighting technology.

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The pitch: Eliminate the time wasted looking for the right key with the STRATTEC Security Corporation’s BOLT product line.

  • BOLT locks feature Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology, which permanently programs the lock to a vehicle’s ignition key.
  • When owners insert their ignition key into the BOLT Lock cylinder, spring-loaded plate tumblers move up and down to uniquely code the cylinder to that specific key
  • . They are available for owners of Ford, GM, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota and Nissan vehicles and deliver added security and convenience.

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Cooper Tire Discoverer HT3
The pitch: Cooper Tire is expanding its Discoverer line of premium products with a new addition – the Discoverer HT3, specially engineered for commercial-grade performance and highway traction in all seasons and designed to resist abnormal wear.

  • Advanced technology includes silica infused tread compound and full depth 3D micro-gauge siping.
  • Available in R and S speed ratings and is available in 17 sizes ranging from 15- to 18-in. rim diameters.
  • Designed for highway and commercial driving for today’s light trucks and small fleet delivery vehicles, including Sprinter, Ford E-Series, Ram Cargo, Chevy Express and Nissan NV Cargo vans, as well as three-quarter one-ton pickup trucks.  

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Stens Silver Streak Chainsaw Chain and Bars
The pitch: Stens carries a complete line of Silver Streak chain and guide bars, designed for both the professional or occasional woodsman.

  • All Silver Streak chains are pre-tensioned to reduce stretching, hand-lubricated after assembly for better lubrication, heat treated and have hard chromed cutters for longer life and sharper edges.
  • Each chain features a Centri-Lube oil channel on the drive links for improved lubrication and reduced friction.
  • It helps prevent heat build-up in the chain and guide bar, thus improving cutting performance and enhancing chain life.

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