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October 4, 2013
Lawn & Landscape

What are you waiting for?

In case you missed it, we rolled out our own native app of Lawn & Landscape for the iPad and iPhone. If you haven’t downloaded it, you are missing out on a lot. The app enhances the reading experience with more content, exclusive photos that didn’t run in print, video and much more. The following are just a few examples of goodies in the app you won’t find in print:

  • In our June issue we interviewed Rodney Champagne, who suffered a traumatic head injury, but recovered to run a Grounds Guys franchise. We put together a video piece that shows you first-hand the challenges he faces on a daily basis.
  • The Noon brothers’ power point on how they expanded their business, which you can find in our September app in the cover story.
  • All of our multimedia is embedded right in the story. So, you don’t have to type in or copy a website, or wait for a new screen to pop up.

If you had our old flipbook app, you’ll need to start fresh and download the new native app to receive all of the enhancements.

To do that, visit and follow the instructions.

The ills of micromanaging

Frans Jager, principal of Castnet Corp, a business consultant for the green industry, liked columnist Marty Grunder’s June column on self-inflicted pain so much (which you can read here that he decided to expand on it. One of Grunder’s keys to hurting yourself was micromanagement. Below was Jager’s take on a leadership trait most would like to shed.

Micromanagement is pervasive. And it is as deadly as it is understandable. Typically the entrepreneur – I rather call this person “small business owner” – at the outset has to do most everything himself. He cannot afford to first build an organization and then see if his start-up can make it.

You can read the whole story by visiting

Weather patterns, going green and communication tips

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Weather woes
Todd Mayhew of Valent Professional Products discusses the effects of more rainfall than usual in several areas of the country, and what you can do to fix these problems.

Green inside and out
Eddie Padilla, VP of Business Development at Heads Up Landscape Contractors, talks about the company’s internal green initiatives and how you can introduce the same practices at your company.

Express yourself
Margie Holly gives insight on how to speak to your employees, and what you should avoid during conversations with them.

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