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Features - 2013 Snow and Ice Report

Get ready now for the snow season with some of the latest straight-blade plows.

October 4, 2013
Lawn & Landscape

1. FISHER Skid-Steer Plows
The pitch: FISHER now offers its XBLADE and HD Series snowplows for skid-steer loader applications.

  • Equipped with a universal skid-steer mounting plate, the skid-steer’s standard auxiliary hydraulics provides the power to angle the blades left or right.
  • Available in 8-ft. and 9-ft. widths, XBLADE units combine X-bracing with corrosion-resistant stainless steel moldboards. 
  • The FISHER HD is available in 7-ft,.6-in.; 8-ft.; 8-ft., 6-in. and 9-ft. widths.

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2. Paladin’s FFC Snow Push
The pitch: The FFC Snow Push by Paladin Attachments attaches to skid-steers, backhoes, compact wheel loaders and traditional wheel loaders to move large volumes of snow without leaving windrows.

  • Available in widths ranging from 6 to 16 feet, it can move up to 21 cubic yards of snow at one time.
  • An optional Pull-Back Kit draws back snow away from buildings and confined areas.
  • The FFC Snow Push is available in 127 Series, 3600 Series and 4800 Series models.

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3. SnowDogg Municipal Snow Plow

The pitch: Buyers Products expands the SnowDogg Municipal Series Reversible Snow Plows with the addition of the new, smaller-sized 36-in. plow.

  • The smaller municipal plow, for use on Class 6 and above trucks with a minimum 26,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating, is designed for areas that receive lower average snowfall.
  • Weighing 1,350 lbs, the new municipal plow features 10-gauge carbon steel.
  • Available in two sizes, 10 ft. and 11 ft., and features a full moldboard trip with adjustable external compression springs.

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4. WESTERN Introduces Snow Plow Models for Skid-Steer Loaders
The pitch: WESTERN now offers both the popular PRO PLUS straight-blade and the new PRODIGY winged plow for skid-steer loader applications.

  • The PRODIGY snow plow delivers multi-position winged-plow performance in a unit that’s as easy to operate as a straight blade. 
  • The WESTERN PRODIGY automatically positions its wings to plow whether in straight-ahead scoop mode or when angled for windrowing.
  • The PRO PLUS is available in 8-, 8-1/2- and 9-ft. widths.

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