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Features - Cover Story: Benchmarking your Business

The experience we have gained over the last 30 years gives us confidence that our industry stands stronger today than ever before.

November 1, 2012
Rick Olson

The experience we have gained over the last 30 years gives us confidence that our industry stands stronger today than ever before. In fact, our extensive field work during the past 12 months reveals consistent customer feedback that landscape contractors see a slightly more stable business climate in 2012 than the previous several years.

The current environment does not come without inherent challenges, which include pressure related to rising fuel prices, low consumer confidence, regulatory changes and low competitive pricing. To help offset these challenges, individuals have been forced to work harder and do more with less. Their efforts have not been in vain. A high percentage of companies believe that the recent turmoil has forced them to become better business practitioners than in the past.

We see the same improvements within Exmark. Much like the successful customers we serve, a bright future for Exmark will be fueled by our cornerstone values, which include meaningful customer interaction, collaboration and understanding. Exmark holds close the belief that hard work and ingenuity are prerequisites for business growth.

In the report that follows, you will gain even greater insight into the current state of our industry, including key data related to contractor spending, profit analysis and budget management. This includes tear-out budget charts for core service segments such as irrigation, maintenance, lawn care and design/build. In addition, you will learn about the importance of technology and its impact on your business, as well as the benefits of setting up a peer group to share best practices and benchmarking metrics.

Exmark is dedicated to providing our customers with the most durable, innovative and reliable equipment possible, through a dealer network committed to servicing the most important businesses within our national economy: the professional landscape contractor. Collectively, we will continue to find opportunities to help our customers become more efficient, productive and profitable in all aspects of their business, and to earn their trust daily.

Please stop by your local Exmark dealer to learn more or contact us directly at www.exmark.com.

Rick Olson
General Manager


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