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November 1, 2012
Lawn & Landscape

Trade show season
Attending a trade show is a great idea to help your business. You find products, information and connections all in one place, which can be an effective way to help your company.

But it’s not as easy as just showing up. In fact, a trade show can be a bad experience if you don’t know what to expect. “It’s such a sensory environment,” says Susan Friedmann, The Trade Show Coach. “Between all the sounds and visuals, you are just overwhelmed with messages coming at you ever which way.” If you don’t have a plan for a tradeshow, you can be easily distracted.

“That’s why the more focused you are in this environment, the less easily you are going to be distracted from what your real mission is because it’s really easy to go off course,” she says. For trade show tips, visit and search “Friedmann.”

For more tips on handling trade shows, read Formulas for Success.

Mix it up

The Grasshopper Co., with the help of Lawn & Landscape, has released the first mobile app for tablet technology specifically for landscape maintenance contractors. It’s called MOWmentum and it provides grounds maintenance professionals valuable information to improve their businesses. New issues, available for free download in Apple and Android app stores, will be released quarterly, with relevant content for the respective season. The second issue featured seven tips for smarter service diversity. As you enter the back half of the year, think about changing your service mix the right way.

The goal of the app, through stories, videos and photo galleries, aims to provide industry benchmarks and resources to assist contractors in their operations. Download the app for iPad: or the Android:

From the field

We not only produce a magazine every month. We blog too! And we don’t just stick to the green industry – anything is fair game, music, movies, food, we’ll write about it, and sometimes even tie it into your world. So if you need a break, just check out our blog, From the Field at If you dont have time to check it daily, make time to read it on Fridays when we do a weekly round-up.

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