The many meanings of “edge”

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Take a look at the products below to find out the latest in edging to put around a lawn or hardscape, or find a new edger to clean-up around the landscape.

December 5, 2012
Lawn & Landscape Staff

Ask someone about edging, and you might get a quizzical look. Do you mean edging or edgers? Well, in this case, we mean both. Take a look at the products below to find out the latest in edging to put around a lawn or hardscape, or find a new edger to clean-up around the landscape.

Belgard Anglia Edger
The pitch: Belgard Hardscapes Anglia Edger Adds Decorative Edges to Paver Walkways and Patios

  • Designed for edging driveways, patios, walkways and creating small planter walls.
  • Anglia features a chiseled finish that emulates hand-hewn stone and is tumbled to look distressed.
  • Available in a variety of color choices and a number of different lengths for flexibility of design, the Anglia Edger is beveled on the ends to allow for creating both curves and angles.

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The pitch: EcoBorder is manufactured in the USA and molded from recycled tire rubber.

  • The recycling process gives old tires a new function while providing a simple-to-install solution.
  • To create EcoBorder, the rubber is ground and then mixed with industrial glue and molded in a high heat, high pressure press.
  • One standard automobile tire can create approximately three pieces of 4-in. EcoBorder edging.

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The Trimmer Assist Strap System

The pitch: The Trimmer Assist is a universal landscaping strap, as it works with all string trimmers, hand held blowers and edgers.

  • The Trimmer Assist uses new bungee technology to facilitate as a shock absorber, while allowing full movement unlike the conventional straps.
  • Measures 9.250 in. x 2.750 in. x 1/2 in.
  • Half-inch thick and comes with a quick-disconnect release.

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Gravely Edger and Walk-Behind Trimmer

The pitch: The Gravely edger (pictured) gives you the options of edging, trimming and beveling, and the Pro-Trim Professional Walk-Behind Trimmer removes grass where mowers can’t reach.

  • The Gravely Edger offers a four-position height adjustment, 110-degree pivot head rotation for cutting, trimming or beveling.
  • The trimmer features a reinforced 15-degree pivot head and 14-gauge steel deck for durability,
  • The Pro-Trim also includes a 22-inch cutting width and 1.25- to 4.25-in. cutting heights.

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Oly-Ola Teco-Edg

The pitch: Oly-Ola Edgings’ Teco-Edg is a 6-in. high L-shaped edge restraint made with heavy-duty 100 percent recycled PVC.

  • The product’s specially-engineered drainage slots and multi-purpose stake holes make it available for versatile “green” applications such as green roof systems, permeable pavements, aggregate pathway installations, and more.
  • The L-shaped profile is available in rigid or flexible pieces for easy installation.
  • Teco-Edg comes in 6 x 6 in. or 4 x 4 in.; custom sizes are also available.

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