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The next time you have a project with limited space, compact utility loaders and tractors will come in handy.

December 4, 2013
Lawn & Landscape Staff

Bobcat 500 Frame-Size Compact Track Loaders

The pitch: The 500 frame-size compact track loaders are part of the new M-series line featuring enhancements that provide operators a variety of benefits.

  • The cab-forward design moves the operator closer to the attachment and provides unmatched visibility in all directions with the largest cab door opening on the market.
  • Offers a two-speed option which boosts the maximum travel speed from 7.4 mph in low range to 11 mph in high range.
  • The hydraulic bucket positioning option keeps the loader bucket level as the lift arms travel upward.

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Boxer Equipment 300 and 500 Series

The pitch: Boxer Equipment, manufactured by Morbark, produces the lightweight yet heavy-duty 300 and 500 series of compact utility loaders.

  • Both can handle more than 50 universal compact utility attachments.
  • The 300 Series has a tip capacity as high as 1,325 lbs. and an operating capacity as high as 663 lbs. at 50 percent tip load.
  • The 532DX offers rubber track undercarriage, which allows the units to enter through gates as narrow as 3-ft. wide.

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Ditch Witch SK750 Mini Skid-Steer

The pitch: The Ditch Witch SK750 mini skid-steer features 70 attachment options.

  • The design allows users to convert track stances between narrow (36 in.) and wide (42 in.).
  • Operator areas are 50 percent larger and feature ergonomic controls with an optional single-level joystick.
  • A two-way auxiliary control for the attachment frees up the user’s hands to control depth and ground speed.

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John Deere 3 Series Compact Utility Tractor Line

The pitch: John Deere’s 3E and 3R Series compact utility tractors are made for those who need to do more than mow grass.

  • The 3E and 3R models feature final Tier 4 engines ranging from 32 to 46 hp.
  • The machines are equipped with an independent PTO and three-point hitch.
  • An optional PowrReverser transmission available on the 3033R and 3039R allows the operator to change directions using a hand lever and without clutching.

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Toro Dingo

The pitch: The Toro Dingo TX 427 Compact Utility Loader is available in narrow and wide track models.

  • With a tip capacity of 1,530 lbs, both loaders feature a 27-hp Kohler engine.
  • These models also come standard with a heavy-duty 2-stage air cleaner that offers dust and dirt filtration, even when the engine is working.
  • Featuring four independent hydraulic pumps, TX 427 loaders deliver 16.9 gallons per minute (gpm) of flow to each track, 11.4 gpm to the auxiliary hydraulics and 6 gpm to the loader arm.

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