New RISE Web site offers consumers information about pesticides and fertilizers

The site is part of a larger campaign to reposition the industry in the green movement.

December 22, 2009
Industry News
WASHINGTON – RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) has launched a new Web site to answer the many questions consumers have about pesticides, their use and the impact on family, pets and the environment.
The site,, is part of a larger campaign to reposition the industry in the green movement. The Web site will help proactively communicate the benefits of insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers, clarify common misconceptions and provide tips for safe and effective use.
Site visitors will learn about pests that might be lurking in their home from a bug’s eye view. An interactive home inspection provides information about the most common areas to find hiding pests and the dangerous health impacts each can cause.  The Web site filters through the facts and fiction about pesticides and helps visitors chose the right product and use it correctly. Garden and health experts are also available to provide advice and answer questions. Or, visitors can read a weekly blog from the experts. 
“From ants and roaches to ragweed and dandelions, provides an engaging, interactive portal to help consumers learn about the dangers these often unseen and unconsidered pests can have on families, home and communities,” says Karen Reardon, director of communications for RISE. “As the program builds, there will be more opportunities for consumers to interact by sharing stories about their creepiest pest experience, or photos of their landscaping to understand the value it adds to their home.”