The Snowfighters Institute to hold an advanced sales training forum May 21-24

The Snowfighters Institute to hold an advanced sales training forum May 21-24

Judith Guido and John Allin to focus on how to build a profit-driven sales strategy while increasing market share.

May 11, 2012
Business Management Industry News

The Snowfighters Institute,, led by Judith Guido and John Allin, will hold its first-ever advanced sales training forum May 21st through May 24th at the newly constructed training facility in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Judith Guido, Chairwoman of Guido & Associates said, “The need for professional snow and ice management companies has grown significantly over the last three years. Customers have become more educated and have increased their demands for transparency. As a result, the industry has become more sophisticated. Those companies that can demonstrate their expertise and abilities in this growing market segment are increasing their revenues, profits and market share while differentiating themselves from their competition.”

Snow management is a mission critical service for many customers, and it comes with a degree of risk and a price. Attendees will learn how to position and price their services as a risk management solution, as opposed to a commodity business. Key negotiating strategies will be discussed. Snow professionals will be educated on market size and dynamics, industry trends, business models, sales strategies, channel partners, technology and innovative marketing techniques. Attendees will also learn the importance of having a green and sustainability snow program, and how to build a successful sales strategy around this market force-de-jure. For those working on the Certified Snow Professional [CSP] designation by the Snow and Ice Management Association [SIMA], Continuing Educational Units [CEU’s] will be awarded.
“Most snow contractors focus solely on the equipment and the operations side of the business. By not having a targeted sales strategy that is aligned with the market, combined with an unprofessional and inexperienced business development team, companies are losing out on significant opportunities and profits”, stated Allin. Attendees will have their company’s snow materials analyzed and will work on their sales presentations. The three and a half day sales forum has four components consisting of educational segments, an interactive workshop, strategic networking sessions and one-to-one consultations with Guido and Allin. The workshop will be limited in size as the venue is an intimate hands-on educational program. This program is intended for owners, managers, business development and marketing professionals in the snow industry, as well as sales channel partners including distributors and manufacturers of snow products.
Guido and Allin are both highly respected leaders in the industry. Combined, they have over 50 years of snow management experience in the commercial, residential, industrial, campus and municipal markets having worked in over 38 countries. “Over the years we’ve used one another’s services for our clients successfully, and we’ve grown to admire and respect one another. In alignment with our customers and the industry’s needs, and a collective vision of being innovators and leaders in the snow industry, it made perfect sense for John and I to join forces on the sales forum”, said Guido. Attendees will also be able to adapt their lessons from the snow forum into their landscape, excavating and construction businesses. The advanced sales forum event has pre-sold ninety percent of its seating capacity. For information on the program and to reserve a remaining spot, please call the Snowfighters Institute at 814-455-1991.