Time for a turnaround

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Lawn & Landscape and The Harvest Group are teaming up to help three landscapers get out of the weeds.

June 6, 2016

Do you have problems in your business that you can’t fix, no matter what you’ve tried? Are you struggling to take your company to the next level? Do you feel like you’ve stalled and can’t get over the hump?

Lawn & Landscape has partnered with The Harvest Group on an exciting, first-of-its-kind program. We are seeking three landscapers or lawn care operators we can team up with Bill Arman, Ed Laflamme and their team of consultants to help them solve their most challenging problems in 2017. Special preference will be given to veteran- and minority-owned landscape and lawn care companies.

“We’re very excited to partner with The Harvest Group on this project,” says Chuck Bowen, editor and associate publisher of Lawn & Landscape. “This program of consulting with The Harvest Group is worth $25,000 and three lucky winners will get it at no cost. It will involve time, dedication and real work on their part, but at the end they will have a better, more profitable and stronger company.”

Lawn & Landscape will report on each company throughout the year-long process in its print magazine, online, through videos and via social media. Arman, Laflamme and a videographer will spend two days with each of the three winners, learning about their business challenges and opportunities. They’ll interview employees, visit jobsites and build a playbook to help the companies implement the changes suggested.

“Consulting and coaching owners these past 15 years has been incredibly rewarding and the opportunity to use our experience and talents to help these three companies will be awesome,” Laflamme says. “We feel confident that when company owners embrace our advice and act on it, the result will have a positive impact on their company and they will be able to harvest their potential.”

After a year of consultation, Arman and Laflamme will revisit each company’s location to report on the improvements they’ve made.

“We’ll put the company and its leadership on intensive care where we will help weed out issues and keep the fertilizer applied for healthy growth,” Arman says. “These follow-up sessions called ‘Harvester Huddles’ will occur every other week for the first year.”

A panel made up of Lawn & Landscape editors, The Harvest Group and other industry experts will choose winners in November. Onsite visits will begin this winter and consultations will run through 2017.

Deadline for submissions is Aug. 31. Click here to see eligibility criteria and download an application.