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BioSafe Systems August 9, 2013

AzaGuard is an organic insecticide effective on over 300 insect species. Its chemical formulation sets it apart from any other Azadirachtin based insecticide on the market today. AzaGuard’s combination of Azadirachtin, food grade ingredients, and over 100 biologically active liminoids provides a multiple mode of action formulation that is labeled for bedding, ornamental, and food crops as well as turf. AzaGuard acts as an Insect Growth Regulator, Anti-Feedant, Insect Repellant, and Ovi-Position Deterrent. Tank mix AzaGuard with most commonly used chemicals for full insect protection. With a broad use label and pest resistance suppression capabilities, AzaGuard is the perfect addition to your IPM strategy.

OMRI Listed for Organic Production