Monday, August 31, 2015

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474 Locust St Akron OH 44307

ph: (330) 253-6765 fax: (330) 253-6764

CASCADE LIGHTING is a wholesale full-line stocking distributor of OUTDOOR and LANDSCAPE LIGHTING centrally located in Akron, Ohio. LANDSCAPE and OUTDOOR LIGHTING is OUR ONLY BUSINESS . We have a beautifully lighted showroom and a 22,000 sq. ft. warehouse stocked with the most popular fixtures and accessories produced by the leading manufacturers in the industry. We carry the largest, most varied inventory of LANDSCAPE LIGHTING components.
Why work with Cascade Lighting for your lighting requirements?   
Our staff is experienced, trained, and knowledgeable in all aspects of lighting product and design. Our inventory eliminates the need for contractors to tie up capital in inventory or to have to wait two to four weeks for material to complete a project! If your customer requests lighting at the last minute, we can supply and/or ship the material the same day!
We have the most popular fixtures from leading lighting manufacturers in stock for immediate shipment anywhere in the United States.  Standard 2 day Fed Ex delivery or less to over 30 states .  We offer email notification that includes your tracking number, with all shipments from our warehouse.  You'll know exactly when to expect your material.
While we may not stock every item in a manufacturer's line, WE DO STOCK the most popular fixtures in the most popular finishes including new COPPER and BRASS fixtures!  We also offer the latest in LED technology.
We stock all of the necessary supplies to complete a professional lighting project; Greenlee Textron volt and amp meters, King Safety silicon filled wire nuts, Ace Connectors, low voltage cable, huge selection of lamps (including Ushio, THHC), variety of multitap transformers (150w, 300w, 600w, 900w, 1200w and 1500w) most units available in powdercoat or stainless steel, truck lite grease, in-use covers, and more!
Our goal is to keep you informed on the exciting changes in the outdoor and landscape lighting industry.   Please take a look at the New Products section on our site.  This section is updated frequently as new technology and products are available.  We also send out new product updates and sales events via email.  If you would like to join our email "update" list, please register as a new user on our site.