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Drainage Product Line and LC Series Pump Stations


Rain Bird November 1, 2012
Drainage Product Line
Poor drainage leads to standing or rushing water, which can damage landscapes and cause structural damage to homes and businesses alike. The popularity of water harvesting has also placed greater emphasis on capturing this water and re-using it for landscape irrigation. Now, Rain Bird is making it easier for contractors to provide an effective and efficient water management solution by introducing a new line of drainage products. These products are designed to both efficiently manage excess water and, if desired, harvest it for future re-use on the landscape. 
Rain Bird’s new drainage product line includes grates, catch basins, pop-up valves and basin adapters and accessories, all available in multiple sizes, shapes and styles to meet any landscape drainage need. All components are constructed to exacting tolerances to assure consistent, worry-free connections when used together. Rain Bird’s drainage products are also compatible with components from most other leading manufacturers, saving the day when a particular site needs an easy upgrade or fast replacement. 
LC Series Pump Stations
Light commercial irrigation sites have often struggled to find the right pump solution to supply potable or non-potable water to landscapes and water features, extract water or control flooding. In many situations, contractors have manufactured their own solutions by retro-fitting non-compatible pump station components together and housing them in a makeshift enclosure. Rain Bird’s new LC Series Pump Stations have the power to change all that by providing contractors with a complete package of components designed to work together seamlessly. 
LC Series Pump Stations include a professional-grade pump, the highest quality pump protection and simple-to-install and operate fixtures, all housed in a uniquely designed enclosure. Because these pump stations come with all the components a residential, light commercial or parks and recreation application would need, they greatly simplify both the specification and installation processes.