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Gregson-Clark January 11, 2011
The Gregson-Clark Spreader-Mate™ is a totally self-contained "drop-in" sprayer that can be installed in most commercial broadcast spreaders. In less than a minute you can convert your spreader into a fully functional sprayer. The Spreader-Mate™ is ideal for turf and ornamental applications. 
  • The specially molded, 9-gallon, polyethylene tank fits neatly into most commercial spreaders including Lesco™, Earthway™, and Spyker™. The pump, battery, filter, regulator, and valves are all mounted on the tank, making it a self-contained assembly. To install the unit, you need only to "drop" the tank unit in the spreader, mount the quick-attach boom, and hook up the hose to the boom.
  • The 62" quick-attach boom features a spring break-away and four dripless nozzle bodies with 1/4-turn caps. A guard protects the end nozzles. 
  • Low drift, low volume nozzles allow up to 30,000 square feet of coverage per fill up.
  • An adjustable regulator with a stainless steel, liquid filled pressure gauge ensure accurate, consistent application rates.
  • A thumb activated handlebar switch controls the pump.