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Landscape Lighting Transformers


Kichler Landscape Lighting December 14, 2010
The type of landscape transformer to select may depend on the size of the lighting job; design layout, watts required, length of cable runs. To help make your selection easier, each Kichler Series featured in this reference section provides help on how to choose the landscape lighting transformer for the application. Consider whether there will be an expansion on that same job in the future. 
Kichler recommends that landscape transformers and landscape lighting fixtures be installed by a professional. Many local governments require that an electrician install any product over 15 volts. Be sure to refer to local ordinances and electrical codes, which can supersede the national code. 
Unlike many others, Kichler Landscape Lighting Transformers feature 100% epoxy encapsulation, secondary protection and auto-resettable circuit breakers. 
Quality, reliable power and ease of installation are what contractors want. Safety and performance are what homeowners need. And you can find it all from Kichler.