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Davey launches tree app

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The Tree$ense application allows users to quantify their investments.

| January 3, 2012

KENT, Ohio – Trees make sense. They add beauty to every season of the landscape, they cleanse the air, absorb CO2, reduce rainwater runoff and shield us from sun and wind. Trees make sense.

But trees also make cents. Yes, cents … as in dollars and cents.

While one can’t actually harvest $20 bills from their leafy friends, trees do work for people in major, quantifiable ways. In fact, trees may be one of the best financial investments homeowners make on their properties.

To help quantify tree investments, The Davey Tree Expert Co. has launched Tree$ense, a new, free mobile app created by Davey and powered by i-Tree Design. i-Tree Design is a software suite that empowers homeowners and school children to calculate the value of single trees on their properties – from energy savings to increased property values. And it helps people plant trees in areas where they can gain the most benefit from their trees as they grow.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Visit from your mobile device. The app works on most devices, including iPads and other tablets, iPhones, Android phones and Blackberry 6 OS.
  2. Enter zip code. Hit calculate.
  3. Select tree species.
  4. Slide the ball to the diameter of tree (from 1 inch and up).
  5. Enter tree condition (vigorous and healthy, healthy with minor problems, unhealthy with minor problems, major structural problems, displaying severe decline, or dead).
  6. Enter the distance of tree from your home (0-20 feet, 21- 40 feet, or 40-60 feet).
  7. Hit next in the upper right hand corner.
  8. Select the position of the tree near home.
  9. View tree benefits. Click on each arrow to the right to learn more about each benefit.

Tree$ense can help users qualify and quantify their trees’ benefits and place trees in the best positions in the landscape to maximize these perks, including how much stormwater the trees will intercept, how much carbon dioxide they will sequester and how much air pollution they will reduce.

After using the app to calculate the value of their trees, people can

  • Ask the Davey Tree Doctor their toughest tree questions.
  • View “how to” videos on important tree care topics.
  • Access seasonal tip calendars to get a jump on important tree maintenance.
  • Locate your local Davey arborist for additional advice or a free tree service estimate.

“Trees are vitally important to us environmentally, socially and economically,” says Greg Ina, vice president and general manager of The Davey Institute. “They regulate climate, cycle nutrients, provide raw materials and other resources and offer tremendous beauty. Trees protect and shield us and provide habitats and ecosystems for animals and plants. They enable all of us to live more comfortably.”

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