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Real Green Systems hosts LCOs at conference

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Attendees of the three-day event received technical and management training, including SEO.

Carolyn LaWell | January 9, 2012

Photo: Joe Kucik, president of Real Green Systems, thanks everyone for attending the conference before he raffles off prizes.

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Real Green Systems Conference took place last week, offering lawn care company owners, technicians and office staff the opportunity to learn about everything from search engine optimization to drought to creating a call center.

About 350 LCOs from across the country attended the annual event hosted by Real Green Systems. The conference included three days of technical and management training as well as time to network and have some fun. The nightly events included a vendor reception and magician and a casino night where the more attendees gambled (with fake money), danced, sang and had fun, the greater their chance was of winning more money and end-of-the-night prizes.

Jim Kucik, president of Synergetic Marketing, gave several presentations on how companies can boost their use of the two main components of web marketing: search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

“The goals of social media are completely different than SEO,” he said. “SEO is about generating business immediately.” Whereas, social media is more customer based and offers education, building relationships and staying in touch with clients.

Kucik said time and again he sees companies put effort into providing a good service, but then when he goes online, the company doesn’t have a website or it has one that is poorly designed and offers little information. In today’s world, potential customers want instantaneous information, Kucik said. If they can’t find what they need on a website, they’ll just move to the next company.

A good website should be well-designed and functional, should provide contact information and should make potential customers want to contact the company and buy from them, he said. “Everything needs to make them want to call and buy,” he said.

Also, websites need to be relevant and updated. There are multiple ways to be ranked higher in Google. One is pay-per click advertising where a company would spend money to be ranked at the top. Second is local places, which gives companies contact information and is based on location to the searcher and a company’s number of Google reviews. Third is the normal list of websites ranked. The algorithm for the listing is mainly based on a perceived relevance a company has and the key words used on a website. “The text that you use on your website can help you get ranked,” Kucik said.

Look for more from the Real Green Systems Conference in an issue of Lawn & Landscape.

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