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FMC introduces Talstar EZ featuring Verge granular technology

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Talstar EZ insecticide is now available on new, improved granule.

| March 8, 2011

Talstar EZ Granular insecticide is now available with Verge granular technology, announced FMC Professional Solutions, a business unit of FMC Corp. Talstar EZ with Verge yields a more uniform distribution of the granules during application, plus other benefits that make it better for the applicator.

A unique, clay-based granule, Verge breaks down quickly to release the active ingredient and disappear into the landscape. Virtually dust- and odor-free, the new formulation is better for the applicator since it reduces exposure during application. Verge granular technology was developed by Oil-Dri Corporation, an industry leader in micro-particles and mineral processing.

Talstar EZ provides long-lasting control of the most problematic surface-feeding pests such as ants, billbugs, chinch bugs, fleas and ticks. With low application rates, Talstar EZ can be a cost-effective solution for broadcast and perimeter pest control on lawns and athletic fields.

“The best just got better,” said Adam Manwarren, product manager for FMC Professional Solutions. “We have developed an exclusive, customized product using next-generation granule technology. These rapidly disintegrating Verge granules fully fall apart into thousands of micro-particles in less than a minute after being watered-in.”

From a performance standpoint, turf professionals will see improved results because Talstar EZ with Verge provides a more uniform spread, based on the ballistics of the granule structure. This means fewer callbacks for retreatment, leading to a better bottom line. In addition, the product is non-staining, another major benefit to the applicator.

“By switching from the previous granular carrier to the new Verge granule, FMC improved the way in which the active ingredient is delivered across a given treatment area,” said Bruce Ryser, technical representative with FMC.  “This new carrier change is beautifully spherical. Its consistent shape offers the tightest particle distribution of any currently available carrier.”

Talstar EZ with Verge is labeled for use on lawns, in landscapes and in perimeters around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas and athletic fields. It can be used for perimeter, broadcast or mound treatment.

Available for use by turf management professionals in 2011, Talstar EZ with Verge will continue to be sold in a 25-lb. resealable bag. The use-rate varies by pest, but the most common use-rate is 2.3 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft., so a 25-lb. bag will treat approximately a quarter of an acre.


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