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Davey Tree opens new branches

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The company is opening seven branches in major U.S. cities.

| March 12, 2014

KENT, Oh. —The Davey Tree Expert Company announced that it opened seven new branch offices in major cities throughout the U.S. in the first quarter of the year. This follows the acquisition of Cortese Tree Specialists Maier Forest and Tree in Rochester, Minn., and Superior NW Tree & Shrub Care, Inc., in Seattle, Wash., earlier this year.

Adding Branches
Davey has opened additional offices in Austin, Texas; Baltimore, Md.; Chicago, Ill.; Detroit, Mich.; Napa, Calif.; Pittsburgh, Pa. and St. Louis, Mo. Most of the new offices are in areas where Davey already has an office, or multiple offices. The additional offices will expand Davey’s presence and strengthen Davey’s brand in these markets, said Jim Stief, executive vice president, operations.

“When we choose to do a market expansion, it’s really about creating opportunity,” said Stief. “Certainly, it allows us to provide more resources to our clientele. However, it also gives our employee-owners a chance to grow and mature.”
“We only add offices when we see great potential both within the market and within our employees,” he continued. “The following seven district managers are a perfect example — they have a combined service time of almost 100 years, each is a certified arborist and, in general, represent some of the best and brightest Davey has to offer.”
•  Tom Chaky, N. Austin office
•  Todd Armstrong, N. Baltimore office
•  Tony Brugger, S.E. Chicago office
•  Sean Barlette, N.W. Detroit office
•  Paul Dubois, Napa office
•  Todd Sherbondy, E. Pittsburgh office
•  Greg Wilson, W. St. Louis office
“Most of these managers have lived and worked in these areas for many years,” Stief continued. “They know the unique challenges of each landscape, and I know they are eager to share their knowledge with their new neighborhoods.”

Furthermore, because they work at an employee-owned company, Davey employees capitalize on these opportunities when they are presented, Stief said. “As employee-owners, our field people have a vested interest in the company, and have a greater commitment to our clients and to each other,” Stief said. “They want this chance to prove themselves, and we are confident of their success.” 

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